Forbidden Fruit: Autism and Stem Cells
FacebookTwitterMore...Anyone who has typed the word “autism” into an internet search engine will probably have seen those little pop-up adverts accompanying some of the search results offering stem cell therapy for autism. Normally offered at some clinic with a fancy title, stem cell therapy for lots of conditions brings to my mind Hollywood images of genetic rearrangement such as those portrayed in the James Bond film ‘Die Another Day’ tinged with questions about safety, efficacy and potential side effects. Ethics is another factor; and those important debates about the use of embryonic stem cells. Indeed, government and politics have been inextricably tied into stem cell research almost since its conception. Read Full Article
Living with your child, you don’t see the changes little by little as they happen. One day, I looked at my son, Jeremy, and realized he was already approaching my chin, and that he was growing facial hair. His behaviour started to change as well. Read If you ask autism families what their main concerns are when it comes to living with autism, chances are that financial issues will rank somewhere near the top of the list. Read How do you make not just a great looking but a great tasting gluten-free and casein-free bread from scratch easily without taking a lot of time or owning a bread machine? Julie and Polly show you how. Read They had waited two months for this appointment. The doctor, from behind his desk, confirms their worst fears; with a certain lack of emotion he confers a diagnosis of autism on their 3-year-old son. Read

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