Top 10 Tips “Getting Ready for School” from Autism File Readers

With “back to school” upon us, we recently polled our readers on their strategies for getting their children ready and out the door on time each day. It came as no surprise that we received so many practical suggestions from Autism Mothers! Here are your Top Ten Tips for making a smooth transition from summertime to school:

1. Prepare in advance! Get everything prepared for the morning the night before: bags packed and by the door, lunches in the fridge, complete outfits ready to go.

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Every parent’s dream is to have a healthy baby. Over the past ten years of working with families devastated by the diagnosis of autism, we, along with our patients’ parents, have realized one key fact: Read They don’t just clean your house. These cleaning products will remove harmful chemicals from your home and save you money. Read Many people with autism love their carbs but do not like foods with a certain texture. These gluten-free chicken pancakes are a good healthy snack that has the texture children with autism like. Read George never crawled and took his first wobbly steps at the age of two and a half; he has only recently crawled up the stairs. His fine motor skills are less developed than my sister’s ten month old son, and he still explores Read

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