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Be part of the Polly Tommey Campaign 2010 the run up to World Autism Awareness Day, 2nd April 2010

In the forthcoming General Election, how would your family’s vote be influenced by a political party – any political party - pledging solid financial support to people and families with autism; a party pledging significant support for autism services?

How would your family’s vote be influenced by a party that made The Autism Pledge?

As Polly Tommey’s campaign continues she needs you to email her on with your thoughts on how a promise of support would translate into votes from you and your family.

Here are some of the comments so far:

Autism affects many more than the immediate family. I have parents, sisters, brothers, aunts and uncles that would vote for any party that helped people with autism. But we need a serious proposal and for the leaders to listen to what is really needed. It is a condition that must be placed as a priority. Polly Tommey, Middlesex UK

I have never voted in my life and nor have most of my friends, but I would do if people with autism were given the lives they deserve. My friends would as well because we all know someone with autism now. Donna Cook, Hair Stylist, London UK

Since working in the field of autism I have become more aware of those within the political sphere that are inclined to help us, and those that aren't. With this in mind, my vote will undoubtedly be affected by the party that makes healthcare and education of the public sector, particularly in relation to autism, a focal point of their manifesto. Support for the 'Billys' of the UK will in turn, have my support.  Natalie Williams, Autism Charity Employee, London, UK

My autistic grandson is the only one of my grandchildren that I worry about; the others are fine and will make their own way in this world, that’s part of life. I watch the desperation my daughter and son in law go through just to get his needs met. Autism has affected our whole family. I’m afraid to say that other issues are irrelevant to us now. Myself, my husband and other members of my family will vote for any leader that pledges real support for my grandson with autism. Sarah Goldhawk, grandmother, Manchester, UK

I have strong feelings about the world and politics, but none more so than what happens to my son when I die. I will vote for any leader that puts into plan right now a serious solution to this serious problem. Janette Finch, mother of a child with autism, Worcestershire, UK

The Campaign Continues

Polly’s campaigning in 2009 met with spectacular success. Billboards were posted around London inviting Gordon Brown to call Polly (and he did).   In parallel the iconic Autism Mothers poster was placed in motorway service stations the length and breadth of Britain, in WH Smith windows and across the web accompanied by a short video showing how it all began.

The video triggered a worldwide response from mothers of children with autism all over the world.

On Thursday 11th June Polly was invited to number 10 Downing St. to meet with Gordon Brown. There were many positive consequences of the meeting; Sarah Brown got involved by organizing breakfast meetings at Downing Street for autism organizations to discuss the way forward; Polly joined the External Reference Group (ERG) which helped shape the adult autism strategy. Polly emphasizes that this was just the beginning. Now as WAAD 2010 is almost upon us, the campaign is again stepping up a gear.

Polly will be working with the Autism Trust and the Autism File magazine of which she is Editor in Chief, to bring further awareness to world governments that autism is something that needs their attention NOW.

Please help Polly take her campaign to the heart of the UK General Election. Email your thoughts now to



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