Coxlease School

Coxlease School is a specialist residential school for boys aged 9 to 18 with severe behavioural,

emotional and social difficulties. Coxlease School has a strong reputation for providing highly

effective care, education, therapy, welfare and support for boys who may have experienced trauma, inconsistent and confusing care and emotional rejection. Located near Lyndhurst, Hampshire it is

close to the M27 and M3, approximately two hours drive and a 90 minute train journey from



The school is set within ten acres of grounds and woodland which provides pupils with a safe

environment in which to learn, have fun and grow. This stable and caring environment combined

with high staff to pupil ratios ensures that every pupil at Coxlease has the opportunity to develop

their ability, share new experiences and reach their full potential.


Placements are on a day or residential basis, weekly or for up to 52 weeks of the year and respite

is also available during the holidays where required.


The on-site education department has full DCSF approval and all pupils are expected to attend and

wear school uniform. The full National Curriculum is provided which is broad, balanced and

modified to meet each pupil's needs according to their Individual Education Plan. Classes are a

maximum of six pupils with a minimum of two staff to a group to allow for intensive and

personalised teaching.


Outdoor facilities include games and adventure areas for developing outdoor skills. A new sports

hall provides for football, basketball and other indoor sports. Residential accommodation is split

into nine small homely bases for up to seven boys both on and off site.


Through an integrated approach to education, care and therapy we aim to give young people

with severe and challenging behavioural issues the opportunity to make positive changes in their

lives, achieve their full potential and integrate into the wider community.










 Rugeley Horizon School

Rugeley Horizon School is a residential school specialising in the education and care of young

people aged 4 to 19 with autism and moderate to severe learning difficulties.

The school is situated in the heart of Staffordshire, close to Rugeley, Lichfield and picturesque
Cannock Chase. Access is easily gained from the Midland motorway network.
Education sessions are provided for 40 weeks of the year with the residences offering a further 2
week programme.
Education - Emphasis is placed on physical education which allows pupils to develop both the
mental and physical composure needed to access the whole school curriculum. Pupils have
access to the National Curriculum, at an individual appropriate level. There is specialist teaching
available for art, music and drama as well as PE. There is an appropriate 14 to 19 curriculum that
includes accredited award programmes, eg ASDAN, AQA, and OCR Entry Level, access to
local college courses and work experience.
Environment and facilities - The school consists of spacious classrooms with specialist music, art
and food technology rooms. There is a library and IT suite, a large gymnasium and a swimming
pool. Outside, the school boasts a running/ cycling track, a basket ball court, a trim trail, a
woodland area and a playing field.

Desired outcome - Pupils will achieve an enhanced degree of emotional stability through an active
approach to learning, which reduces anxiety levels and enables them to access the curriculum.
Our children and young people are able to engage in daily life with increased confidence,
self-esteem, dignity and independence.

Parental involvement - The school has a dedicated Family Liaison Coordinator and there is a full
support programme available for parents. Calendar events include, parent training sessions,
information workshops, social gatherings and performances that celebrate pupil achievement.
All parents are invited to attend.

The residences and care - Within the residential setting, education continues the development of
appropriate social behaviours and personal skills, including opportunities to rehearse them in real
life settings. The residential facilities consist of a large Grade II listed building, ĎMayfieldí, situated
approximately six miles from the school plus two modern purpose built houses, ĎThe Crescentí,
which are adjacent to the school. All pupils live in small groups where the focus is on the furthering
of skills for independent living.
 Eastwood Grange
Eastwood Grange provides specialist education, residential care and therapy within a structured
learning environment for boys aged 11 to 16 plus who have behavioural, emotional and social

The school encourages young people to develop their social, educational and practical skills

and to enjoy an active, fulfilling life. Placements are long-term and for up to 52-weeks of the year

depending on individual need.


Our aim is to make a difference to the lives of our young people by being a centre of excellence for

education, residential care and therapy.Through the management of change, we help young people

to understand their problems and to identify and implement ways of alleviating them.

Eastwood Grange aims to reverse the downward spiral of failure and replace it with optimism

through finely graded, achievable goals.


Education - The success of young people at Eastwood Grange is established through a

behavioural approach to learning, underpinned by a valued credit
system which recognises progress and achievement.The school is committed to the delivery of the

National Curriculum with the expectation that all young people will access GCSE courses and

examinations.  Additional vocational qualifications are also pursued.

Individual education programmes are offered according to ability, need and prior experiences,

enabling each pupil to achieve attainable goals.


Therapy - We define therapy as the alleviation of problems, whether it is in the social,

environmental or educational domain. We adopt a positive, problem-solving approach which is

based on behaviourist and cognitive behavioural principles. Each programme is tailored to

the needs of the individual.


In a warm, welcoming, relaxed, yet structured environment we provide a high quality, positive

residential experience for young people. Eastwood Grange is based in three self-contained houses

comprising a lounge, kitchen/diner and games room. Modern classrooms include specialist rooms

for science and design technology and we have a purpose-built sports hall and separate

playing areas.


Individual needs are thoroughly assessed and intervention strategies are implemented within the

24-hour curriculum. Support and counselling are provided through a key worker and strong

professional relationship.


We believe positive approaches produce positive changes, which can compensate for past failure

and prepare young people for the future.



























 Rossendale School


Rossendale School is a specialist day and residential school for girls and boys
aged 8 to 16 with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties.

It is our aim to bring about positive change in troubled young people who have experienced

negativity and conflict in the past and to enable pupils to understand their problems and come to

terms with them.

We work together to develop behavioural strategies to minimise difficulties and help

overcome their problems.

Rossendale School is located in five acres of itís own grounds on the West Pennine Moors. This

natural environment helps to create a calm and restful location for young people with challenging

behaviours to be educated. The school is on the edge of the M66 motorway and within a half hour

drive of all the North West towns including: Manchester, Blackburn, Bury, Bolton and Burnley.


Education is the principle function of the school. Each young person is recognised as an individual

having innate abilities, aptitudes and talents and we aim to develop these to the full.
We ensure the widest possible educational opportunities are offered to all our pupils and the

National Curriculum is followed. Individual Education Plans (IEP) are implemented and pupils are

entered for a wide range of GCSE and other national examinations, as appropriate.


Rossendale School believes that all pupils are entitled to a positive education which allows

them to experience success. We fully embrace the Every Child Matters agenda as in

essence this sums up what the school is about and what we are trying to achieve. An extensive

programme of leisure activities is offered both in and after school and within the local community.

These include participation in local sporting clubs such as athletics, swimming, football, rugby and

cricket as well as a range of other community based activities such as drama/youth theatre

groups, cadet groups and the Duke of Edinburgh awards.

















 Farleigh Further Education College Frome

Farleigh Further Education College Frome is a specialist residential college for students

aged 16 to 19 with Aspergerís Syndrome and associated disorders.

We provide 38 week placements for young people and offer a stepping stone to self-reliance

and fulfilled adulthood. Students acknowledge their diagnosis and express a desire to work,

live and study as self-reliant adults in mainstream communities. Opportunities are provided

for students to fulfil their potential by studying and living in mainstream situations.

Our young people benefit from an exceptional partnership agreement with local mainstream

colleges. A broad range of academic and vocational courses are on offer including A level

courses. There are base rooms at our partner colleges which are used solely by Farleigh

students for study, as a common room and as a retreat if they need more privacy or feel

challenged by social situations.

Education is continued within the Farleigh residential setting with opportunities for sessions

on literacy, numeracy and one-to-one sessions on independent living skills.

Some students choose to combine courses in work based learning with their academic

studies.  This takes the form of work experience with local employers and following an appropriate

NVQ. Students are supported in such placements by college staff and are helped to develop

employability skills, which will ease the transition from college to employment.

Each young person has a Learning Support Worker to act as mentor, guide and carer who will

accompany them to the local college. They will ensure that the studentís programme is

individualised to meet their specific needs and designed to maximise their individual strengths

and ambitions.

Students leaving Farleigh FE College Frome are offered support well in advance of their

departure date. College tutors work with parents, Connexions advisors, social services and

universities to ease progression. Typically students might return to their home area to live

and work independently, or take up a work-based learning situation or a place at university.


Our professional team at Farleigh FE College Frome is trained to provide the best level of
support and care to students. Therapeutic care programmes include: speech and language
therapy, counselling, occupational therapy and art therapy.













 Farleigh Further Education College Swindon

Farleigh Further Education College Swindon is a specialist residential college for students

aged 16 to 19 plus with Aspergerís Syndrome and associated disorders.

38 week placements are provided with alternate home contact weekends for all of our young

people. Farleigh Further Education College Swindon gives students the opportunity to reach

their potential and develop academic and life skills for independence and integration into the

community. Students have ambitions to live independent lives in the community and we aim

to facilitate this.

Our students will attend one of the two local Swindon Colleges where they have the opportunity

to access a variety of academic and vocational courses and are supported within mainstream

settings by our own specialist learning support staff. There is a dedicated resource centre on

campus which is used by our students for study during the day and evening.

Programmes are in place for skills for life including numeracy, literacy and independence

training and education is continued within the residential setting with sessions in social,

leisure and communication skills, as well as additional work on independent living skills.


From the outset students will be encouraged to make informed choices and decisions about


which affect them.At the end of their course they will be better prepared to move on to the

next step in their independence pathway, be that in higher education, employment, supported

accommodation or independent living within the community.


We work in collaboration with local employers and the local community to provide constructive

work experience for those young people for whom it is an identified need, and to help in the

development of their independence.


Therapeutic input is available to all students and includes: art therapy, cognitive behavioural

therapy, life coaching, person centred counseling and specialist speech and language therapy.















 Jacques Hall

Jacques Hall is a specialist residential school for young people aged 11 to 18 who have

experienced severe social and emotional difficulties.

Jacques Hall provides a safe, supportive and challenging environment where troubled young

people have the opportunity to learn and grow. Often the young people placed with us have

experienced abuse, neglect and emotional deprivation from an early age. These experiences

have left them with a profound lack of trust and hope, with few personal resources to build

a sense of self-worth.

Jacques Hall provides an opportunity to change by offering a positive environment of reliable,

responsive, personal care and by providing education and leisure programmes that are broad

based and challenging. Placements are normally long term, and are flexible ie for 38, 40, 44

and 52 weeks of the year, depending on individual need.


Accreditation is offered  in a wide variety of National Curriculum subjects as well as every

encouragement to help young people gain qualifications, to achieve new skills and develop new,

confident attitudes to living and learning. We also believe it is important to be realistic about each

young personís difficulties and needs and individual placement plans are carefully designed to give

each young person the best possible chance of success. We draw on a range of professional


including: child and adolescent psychiatry, forensic psychology, art therapy programmes,

psychotherapy And educational psychology support.


By working closely with the young person, their family and the placing authority we expect them

to take control of their own lives and to be able to: take part in supportive relationships, rrespect

other peopleís needs and wishes, aappropriately communicate their own needs and wishes, take

on important roles and responsibilities and plot their own path in life.


We offer continuing further education, vocational and work experience opportunities plus care and

life skills training for young people aged 16 to 18 at our Orchard House site, based on their needs

and future care plans. Orchard House provides pathway planning and a range of programmes to

enable young people to learn and thrive as they prepare for adulthood.
















 North Hill House

North Hill House is a purpose-built specialist residential and day school for boys

aged 7 to 18 with Aspergerís Syndrome and associated disorders.

North Hill House is specifically designed to allow boys with Aspergerís Syndrome, high

functioning autism and associated disorders to thrive effectively in an ever demanding

and complex society. This is achieved by developing personalised predictable routines with

high levels of individual support. We provide day and residential placements for boys aged 7-18

(this includes our Post 16 provision). The school is approved under section 347(I) of the

Education Act 1996 and is fully DCSF approved.

North Hill House offers a highly trained and dedicated team who passionately believe in

developing academic achievement. Social and communication skills are developed to

increase confidence, independence and organisational skills for our students. Young people

with Aspergerís Syndrome are often academically very able; with the majority of pupils

achieving GCSE passes at grade A to C in 2007 and 2008.

This has been achieved through specialist teaching in the academic facility that boasts

cutting-edge information technology combined with specialist classrooms. The educational

provision is further enhanced by on site therapy services. These include speech and language,

occupational therapy (including sensory integration trained therapists), counsellors and a

senior educational psychologist.


Since opening in 1999 North Hill House has grown in strength and reputation resulting in a move to

a new purpose-built site in Fromefield, Somerset. Our new school is purpose-designed, including

an extensive range of specialist classrooms. Small Ďfamilyí residential units consist of mostly

individual bedrooms, all with en-suite facilities, clustered around bright and spacious lounges and

dining rooms.

We place great emphasis on independence training and work experience to ensure students are

able to manage everyday life scenarios safely and appropriately in readiness to face the future

challenges of further education or their chosen vocation. North Hill House is situated close to the

town centre offering real experiences for students to practise social skills within authentic settings.


Our aim is to provide a stimulating educational environment where pupils can develop a responsible

positive outlook and sense of personal achievement. Our objectives are to provide young people with confidence and an understanding of the social worlds in which they function and to facilitate the

highest possible educational attainments during their school career.














 Farleigh College Frome

Farleigh College Frome is a residential specialist school for young people aged
10 to 16 with Aspergerís Syndrome and associated disorders.

We provide a term time placement for young people to give them the opportunity to meet their

potential and develop academic, social and life skills for independence and further education.
Our pupils often have many strengths and considerable potential but their progress is typically

greatly impaired by the difficulties experienced by young people with Aspergerís Syndrome.

The curriculum is designed to meet the individual needs of our young people whilst remaining

broad and balanced in line with the National Curriculum. Accreditation includes a wide range of

GCSEís including subjects such as photography and astronomy as well as ASDAN and DiDa ICT

awards. Where appropriate, pupils have access to work experience, college and mainstream

placements as part of their education. Underpinning the academic curriculum there is a great deal

of embedded learning to address the social and communication difficulties experienced by young

people with a diagnosis of Aspergerís Syndrome.


Wee offer a safe, secure and predictable environment in which young people can come to

understand their own areas of difficulty, and learn skills and techniques in order to overcome

them. This ensures they are able to fulfill their potential socially, academically, physically and

spiritually and enables them to rebuild their often shattered self-esteem and self-belief.

Our professional team at Farleigh College Frome is highly trained to provide the best level

of support and care to each individual. Therapeutic care programmes include; speech and

language therapy to develop communication skills, occupational therapy to develop areas of

daily functioning and independence and counselling services to develop confidence and life skills.


During their time at Farleigh College Frome our young people will be working towards the next

step in their independence pathway, with preparation for further and higher education, training or













 Eden Grove School

Eden Grove School is a specialist residential school for boys aged 8 to 19 with behavioural, 

emotional and social difficulties and/or learning difficulties.

Some may also have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, attention deficit disorder or an

autistic spectrum disorder.

The school is founded on the principles of family values along with structure, routine,

boundaries and guidelines. This provides a stable, safe environment to help young people

manage their difficulties. Placements are for up to 52 weeks depending on individual need.

38 week provision is also available upon request.


Eden Grove is a DCSF registered and approved school offering pupils a broad, balanced and

relevant curriculum including National Curriculum subjects. Pupils are encouraged to achieve

new skills and develop confident attitudes to living and learning. A range of examinations and

nationally accredited awards are on offer including GCSE, Entry Level Certificates and ASDAN.

We also have an interesting and motivating programme of vocational studies. Through the

University of Cumbria we offer an outdoor activity programme where students can work towards

achieving a recognised national award through the John Muir Trust.


Eden Grove School is also registered and inspected by Ofsted as a childrenís home and

promotes the Every Child Matters outcomes. We aim to help our young people develop socially

acceptable behaviour and achieve this by a coherent, predictable and reliable daily routine, the

celebration of our young peopleís achievements and an approach that values individuals and

demonstrates that each young person is a person of worth.


The whole curriculum is underpinned by a specialist Ďsupport for learningí team comprising a

SENCO, two counsellors (one specialising in reactive attachment disorder) and a speech and

language therapist. We have a partnership agreement with Cumbria CAMHS team to facilitate

and fast track access to specialist services such as a child & adolescent psychiatrist, a clinical

educational psychologist and occupational therapy.


Eden Grove also has a specially designed Post-16 provision within the village of Bolton for

12 students with high levels of staff support.













 Sketchley Horizon

Sketchley Horizon is an extended day school for children aged 8 to 16 years with severe

to mild autism, providing an alternative to residential education.

Pupils may also have challenging behaviour as a result of their communication difficulties and a

lack of social understanding.

Sketchley Horizon School opened in April 2007 and is already growing at a steady pace. In

September 2007 the school underwent a successful Ofsted inspection which recognised the child

centred approach offered at the school. We focus on the needs of each individual pupil to create a

framework that promotes self-confidence and self-esteem.


Our aim is to bring out the best in each pupil to enable them to live happy, functioning and

meaningful lives, together with a safe, structured and predictable environment for them to

develop the skills they need to live as independently as possible and make real life choices

as they reach adulthood.


Sketchley Horizon adopts a multidisciplinary approach to education using the best practice from

models such as TEACCH, and those developed in other areas of Priory Education Services.

Pupils have access to the National Curriculum, adapted and modified to meet their individual needs.

They will learn in small classes of up to six and be grouped by key stage. The development of

communication, personal, and social education skills will form a major part of a pupilís individual

education programme (IEP). Emphasis will be placed on establishing appropriate behaviour and

self-control in all settings. Sketchley Horizon enables students to; learn how to manage their

behaviour and cope with anxieties, develop strategies to manage everyday living, develop

independence and become empowered to make their own choices. The school is specifically

designed for pupils with autism and includes rooms for specialist subjects, therapy and

quiet areas.


Sketchley Horizon is situated in the village of Sketchley, Leicestershire and has excellent

links with the M6 and M1.

























 Chelfham Senior School


Chelfham Senior School offers specialist education and residential care for socially and

emotionally vulnerable boys aged 11 to 19 who have complex learning difficulties, including

forms of autism often associated with challenging behaviour.

Many exhibit obsessive behaviour and severe emotional and behavioural difficulties.

Placements are residential or day for up to 52 weeks of the year depending on individual


Our aim is to give young people with challenging behaviour a better chance in life by helping

them to reappraise themselves and develop feelings of self-worth. By redressing the negative

effects of past experiences and focusing on the individual and their future, we help individuals

produce positive changes to achieve this.

The whole atmosphere at Chelfham Senior School is one of positivity, where pupilsí efforts

are privately and publicly acknowledged in a constructive manner. The school provides a broad

and balanced curriculum, including the National Curriculum where appropriate, based on individual

needs. Local community facilities are regularly used with links to local colleges, sports centres

and businesses. Each evening and at weekends the residential care teams organise a wide

range of leisure activities. Separate teaching blocks provide general classrooms plus specialist

rooms for science, life skills and cookery. Facilities also include IT, DT and construction skills,

land and animal skills, ASDAN, leisure and tourism, PE and outdoor education, media studies,

land based activities and other practical experiences.


The residential houses are divided into family living units with TV lounge, dining and drinks facilities.

Boys live either in the main house or at Kilworthy in an adjoining bungalow.

Our professional team is highly trained to provide the best level of support and care to each

individual. Behavioural and therapeutic programmes include: cognitive behaviour therapy, token

economy and behavioural contracting, speech and language therapy, individual and group

counseling and psychiatric monitoring and input.

































 Tadley Horizon


Tadley Horizon is a specialist school for boys and girls aged 5 to 19 years
with severe to moderate autism and associated learning difficulties.


Children may also have challenging behaviour as a result of their communication difficulties and

their lack of social understanding. At Tadley Horizon we take a child-centred approach, focusing

on the needs of each individual pupil to create a framework that promotes self-confidence and



Tadley Horizon is specifically designed for pupils with autism. Individual Education Plans, a sports

and activities programme together with a constant structured approach and therapeutic

environment ensures that pupilsí needs are addressed and the best facilities and education

for our young people are provided. The school runs on a three-term year across 38 weeks for both

residential and day pupils plus a two week summer holiday scheme. Respite care and extended

day programmes are also available if required.


Within a safe, structured and predictable environment, pupils will develop the skills needed to live

as independently as possible so they are able to enjoy their lives and make real life choices as

they reach adulthood.  Tadley Horizon adopts a multidisciplinary approach to education and care

using the best practise from models such as TEACCH, PECS, supporting individual education and

care programmes that are delivered continually over the 24 hours. Pupils have access to the

National Curriculum, adapted and modified to meet their individual needs. The education

department includes specialist facilities for art, music, drama, food and design technology and

information and communications technology that are delivered throughout the waking day.

Pupils engage in regular and frequent exercise throughout each day. The physical exercise helps

decrease the levels of anxiety and behaviours and improves the levels of attention and sleep



Tadley Horizon is located within the Hampshire village of Tadley, with excellent links to the

M3 and M4 The school is set within four acres of beautifully mature grounds providing pupils

with a safe, tranquil environment in which to learn and grow.





 Talocher School


Talocher School provides education for boys and girls aged 11 to 16 with complex behavioural,

emotional and social difficulties, who are either resident within Priory Residential Childcare

facilities or as day pupils, who are unable to attend mainstream education because of their social,

emotional or behavioural difficulties.


Our young people may be experiencing a range of social and emotional difficulties when they

first come to the school, which are compounded by their disaffection towards learning,

negative attitudes towards authority and education and/or a history of interrupted education.


Our aim is to enable students to acknowledge and cope with their specific difficulties, through

the provision of appropriate full-time education assist them in fulfilling their potential.


Talocher School aims to provide education in an environment where students can thrive

and re-engage in learning and where specific needs and preferred learning styles are catered

for. Each pupil attendingTalocher School is offered a broad, relevant and differentiated curriculum

which caters for their individual future needs, age and interests.


The curriculum is based on the National Curriculum, and should prompt a change in each young

personís life, broaden their horizons and open up new opportunities. It endeavours to help young

people to become successful learners who enjoy learning, make progress and achieve, confident

individuals, able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives and responsible citizens who make

a positive contribution to society.


The young person is at the centre, so that the curriculum and the services they require are

tailored to meet their individual needs, interests and aptitudes. Physical education is also part

of each young personís programme but is based on the risk assessment of each individual.


Pupils have access to a range of therapies including anger management and relationship

management through access to our Therapeutic and Support Services team.






















 Sheridan House


Sheridan House is a specialist residential school for boys aged 10 to 16 with severe behavioural,

emotional, and social difficulties (BESD).

Sheridan House offers an integrated programme of education and care for young people who may

have experienced trauma, inconsistent and confusing care and emotional rejection.

Their family relationships may, in some cases, have been so strained that ties will have suffered

to the extent of breakdown. Behaviour will be challenging and most will have experienced

considerable disruption to their education and consequently lack confidence in their own abilities.

Sheridan House provides young people with an opportunity to effect change and develop personal

worth. Placements are on a residential basis for up to 52 weeks of the year.



Education is seen as an integral part of an individualís placement plan, with each young person

being helped to experience success. Provided on-site in a purpose-built school, small teaching

groups allow for a high level of support. Experienced special needs teachers provide a broad

and balanced curriculum with a wide range of National Curriculum work related to individual needs.


Sheridan House is a small country house near Hingham in Norfolk and is set in three acres of

gardens and grounds which provide pupils with space and a safe environment in which to learn

and grow. Outdoor sports include football, cricket, tennis and basketball, activity equipment and

a bicycle track. Full time education is provided on site in a purpose-built school which has

full DCSF approval. It includes specialist classrooms for science and technology and

information technology. Individual psychotherapy and art therapy also take place on site in

specially designated therapy rooms.

Sheridan House aims to realise the five outcomes defined in ĎEvery Child Mattersí.

These outcomes enable young people to make a successful transition into adulthood with an

acceptable set of personal qualities and values, and an appropriate educational experience

that will allow them to participate positively as valued members of society.

Developments made as a result of the individual education and care programmes greatly increase

a young personís ability to make independent life choices and to achieve greater independence

throughout adulthood.



 Queenswood School

Queenswood School provides education for girls and boys aged 14 to 19 with complex

behavioural, emotional and social difficulties who are resident within Priory Queenswood and

Talocher Residential Childcare facilities, and who are unable to attend mainstream education

because of their social, emotional or behavioural difficulties.


When young people first come in to the school, most are experiencing a range of social

and emotional difficulties which are compounded by their disaffection towards learning,

negative attitudes towards authority and education, and/or a history of interrupted education.

We aim to provide education in an environment where students can thrive and re-engage in

learning and where their specific needs and preferred learning styles are catered for.


Each pupil attending Queenswood School has a Personalised Curriculum which caters for their

individual future needs, age and interests. The personalised curriculum should prompt a change

in each young personís life, broaden their horizons and open up new opportunities



At the centre of each young personís learning programme is the core curriculum. Due to learning

and/or emotional and behavioural difficulties, the curriculum entitlement of pupils at

Queenswood School, and the programmes of study for the national curriculum, are substantially

modified. As with other alternative Providers of education, the national curriculum does not apply.

However, the nationally recognised minimum for such young people is offered. Physical education

is part of each young personís programme but is based on the risk assessment of each individual.

Community-ased learning is also an important and significant part of each young personís

curriculum at Queenswood.





























 Mark College


Mark College is a specialist secondary school for boys and girls aged 10 to 19 years with

specific learning difficulties associated with dyslexia.

All pupils at Mark College have dyslexia. Some may have dyspraxia, which presents

co-ordination difficulties and problems of perception, language and thought.

Many pupils have struggled in mainstream schools and benefit hugely from being in an

environment with other dyslexic students where the level of support and teaching methods are

specifically designed to overcome the challenges that dyslexic pupils face.

Mark College follows the National Curriculum and all students aim towards the attainment of seven

or eight GCSEs. Self-confidence, self-reliance and self-esteem are developed to enable pupils to

become independent learners so they can go on to achieve their own personal goals. The sixth

form allows students to study A levels whilst continuing to receive the specific support they need.

Education is provided on a 35 week basis for both residential and day pupils.

Mark College prides itself on its sporting achievements, often competing at county level. We also

offer extensive sport and leisure facilities across nine acres of games fields, two hard tennis

courts and a large sports centre. The campus has excellent spacious teaching facilities and

three residential houses on site with bedrooms for four, two or single occupancy.


At Mark College the aim is to create an environment where pupils can become independent

learners so that they can go on and pursue their ambitions when they leave.Accommodation is

split into four individual houses each with single bedrooms, living areas and kitchen.

We provide pupils with the strategies needed to meet challenges associated with their specific

learning difficulties, to enable them to go on to higher education and lead successful, independent


The College is centred on a Grade II listed Georgian house set in 24 acres  of grounds on the edge

of Mark village in Somerset. There are good transport links with trains to Weston and Highbridge

and it is within four miles of the M5 Junction 22.


































 Unsted Park School


Unsted Park School is a specialist school for children aged 7 to 16 with Aspergerís Syndrome

and associated disorders.

It is specifically designed to allow children and young people with Aspergerís Syndrome and

those with higher functioning autism and associated disorders to thrive effectively within an ever

demanding and complex society. This is achieved by developing personalised, predictable

routines with high levels of individual support.

The school is closely aligned to its established sister school, North Hill House in Somerset and

provides residential placements for children aged 7 to 16 years across three terms for 38 weeks

of the year. Flexible programmes include full and weekly boarding and respite options (providing

overnight stays within the school week to day pupils). Pupils who live locally may attend on a

day basis. We also offer an extended day running from 8am to 8pm for those pupils that would

benefit from more support beyond the normal school day. This extended support will enable

many children to live at home with their families where residential schooling may otherwise be

the only option.


At Unsted Park we are strongly rooted in a highly trained and dedicated staff team whose goal

is to develop academic achievement and social and communication skills, giving pupils increased

confidence, independence and organisational skills. Pupils have individual educational plans

tailored to meet their specific needs and designed to maximise their strengths and ambitions.

Young people with Aspergerís Syndrome are often academically extremely able and with

specialist teaching and facilities we expect pupils to achieve success in GCSEs and other

accredited qualifications.

Pupils have access to a range of specialist therapies from our professional team including speech

and language therapy, counselling, art therapy, psychological and psychiatric support where



Unsted Park School is set in 44 acres of picturesque countryside in Godalming, Surrey offering a

safe and spacious environment in which to learn and grow. Situated close to the M25 and the A3,

it is approximately six miles from Guildford and within easy access of London and the

South Coast. Unsted Park School provides a pathway to independence, with emphasis on

independent living skills training and work experience to ensure that pupils are able to manage

everyday life scenarios safely and appropriately.Typically young people will go on to further

education, training and employment.




 Welcome to Eagle House Group!





















Eagle House Group is an independent provider of specialist pre-school, day and residential schools/college for children and young people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

Eagle House Group was formed in 2004 to meet the needs of children and young people with Autistic Spectrum Disorders who require a specialised education and supportive care.

With an estimated 1 in 100 children on the Autistic Spectrum, the group was formed to support the growing needs of children in the UK and in doing so, the needs of their families.

We have brought together a full range of expertise and talent in the field of Autism to create a specialist team whose aim is to support our young people in reaching their own unique and individual potential. What distinguishes our schools from others is the range of our in house clinical provision. By employing are own multidisciplinary teams of Psychologists, Speech and Language Therapists, Occupational and Music Therapists, we regard ourselves as remarkably well placed to meet and develop our children's global needs - not just their education.

We believe we are more than just a school group, we firmly believe in equipping our young people with an education for life.

Our Vision

Eagle House Group is committed to responding to the needs of and delivering exceptional services to people with autism, special needs and their families.

Our Values

We will achieve our vision by

1.       Respecting the unique quality of each child and young person in the Eagle House Community

2.       Making our services child and young person centred

3.       Working in partnership with parents and respecting the expertise they have in their own child

4.       Providing a safe, caring and positive environment for our children and young people to learn and live within.

5.       Supporting our staff by encouraging and nurturing talent and expertise

6.       Being progressive and innovative

7.       Working towards providing life-long provision

WHY NOT CALL US NOW ON 0845 074 2972 and have a chat with Carrie Haslett about your current situation...


The Disabilities Trust was founded in 1979 to provide an imaginative new concept of personal care and specialist housing for people with special needs.

Since then our services have expanded to include purpose-built accommodation, community-based housing, respite care, education, community enabling and rehabilitation.

Our services are divided into four divisions to meet the needs of:

  • people with autism
  • people with acquired brain injury
  • people with profound physical disability
  • people with a learning disability.

We offer modern, progressive facilities complemented by a skilled and dedicated staff team.

Our services are constantly evolving to seek new, imaginative solutions to peoples needs. Our first learning centre for children and young people with autism, for example, is now open at Heathermount in Ascot.

And for people with acquired brain injury, we are working with our partners to create several new services to meet the growing national demand for rehabilitation.

As a leading national charity, we also campaign on issues affecting the lives of the people to whom we provide services and support.



 Tailor Ed Foundation

The Tailor Ed Foundation is a small independent charity committed to improving the quality of life for children with autism and their families. We aim to offer a home based service where we teach practical skills and provide useful strategies which are tailored to your child and family. This service is available free of charge to families with a child with autism between 3 and 12 years old, living in Edinburgh. We target practical skills from getting dressed and toileting to brushing teeth and going to bed as well as most things in between.



website :

 Puzzle Pre-School Specialist Nursery


Puzzle provides specialist early intervention for children aged from 2 to 5 years old who have autism spectrum disorders or other communication difficulties. A specialist teacher works in conjunction with a speech and language therapist and learning assistants to plan and implement one to one and small group intervention to develop children's language, communication, social interaction and play skills. There is a ratio of one adult for every child. An occupational therapist provides guidance and therapy. Puzzle also provides training for parents, carers and early years workers and outreach support to families and early years settings.

Alexandra Stanyer
The Old School
Middle Claydon
MK18 2ET
United Kingdom
Telephone number: 01296 733900


 Autism Treatment Trust

Children diagnosed with autism have many things in common - behavioural
patterns, nutritional imbalances and they frequently suffer from immune and
intestinal dysfunctions as well as toxic overload. We treat these imbalances
and dysfunctions alongside optimised support to learning. The treatments are
defined individually based on the lab results (private UK labs, NHS and
University laboratories) as well as the child's clinical presentation and
developmental history. The treatments in place include a thorough
re-evaluation of the child's diet, nutritional support and treatment aiming
at improving the child's gut and immune function.
Additional medical support is provided for heavy metal removal.

Children with autism often benefit from a dual approach addressing both
biomedical imbalances and developmental difficulties. Our educational
approach provides a detailed assessment of the child's strengths and
difficulties in all key areas of development (behaviour, communication,
play, fine and gross motor skills, academic skills and socialisation) and
proposes a set of targets with suitable methods to use at home and in a
school environment when appropriate. The approaches we take are:
Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), Play Therapy and Auditory Integration
Training, depending on the child's profile. We also often combine these with
motor and sensory integration activities. We are also able to provide
support to set up an ABA home programme as well as visit to schools to
assist the child's insertion.

Lorene E.A. Amet, D.Phil.
Principal Scientist
Autism Treatment Trust
29A Stafford Street
Edinburgh EH3 7BJ
Tel:                +44 (0) 131 558 7444        
Fax: 0131 476 3170



 Cambian Education

Cambian Education is the largest provider of specialist residential education and care for young people with Autism and Asperger Syndrome in the United Kingdom. Cambian are trusted by hundreds of parents and over 70 Local Education Authorities. Our schools are rated by Ofsted as providing "Outstanding Education and Care" (2007/2008). We have 7 schools and colleges with proven programmes of Education, Specialist Care and Clinical Inputs for students with ASD and Aspergers. Please click here to download our brochure.


Founded in 1951 The Sheiling School is on the Dorset/Hampshire borders Age range from 7 Ė 19 years for children with learning difficulties including Autism.
Offering an adapted Waldorf Curriculum plus individual therapies and craft activities
Aims: To provide a total environment enabling children to reach their full potential. Residential (38 weeks), weekly and day places.
Children receive funding from their local authorities. Registered Charity No. 292320
Horton Road,
Ringwood BH24 2EB

Tel:                01425 477488        

website :

 Radlett Lodge School

Radlett Lodge is a National Autistic Society School for all abilities of children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders.

The age range is 4 Ė 16 years. The teaching approach is pupil centred with all areas of the National Curriculum covered.

Particular focus is given to communication and Personal, Social, Health and Citizenship Education.

Independence is aspired to with all our children.

Learning is presented using autism specific strategies such as teaching in a structured environment with regular routines and visual cues.

The school believes in a strong partnership with parents with shared aims and practical co-operation.

The school offers outreach and respite.

Radlett Lodge School
Harper Lane

Tel:                01923 854922        
Fax: 01923 859922

 The Autism Resource at Ackworth School

The autism resource at Ackworth School has been purpose developed for day children with mild to moderate diagnosis of autism and a Statement specifying Autistic Spectrum Disorder.
The resource is housed in a quiet area of this Quaker, co-educational day and boarding school for children age 2 to 18 years, and is run on a one to one basis of individual needs.  The timetable is developed to include work in the resource and mainstream according to ability and need.
Currently we are looking for a pupil and learning mentor to fit into this resource.  Those interested should contact admissions on                01977 611401        .
Ackworth School (Autism Resourse)
West Yorkshire
Tel:                01977 611401        

website :



                              Effective and affordable educational software for individuals with

                              autism and other learning disabilities.

                              1225 Laurel Street

                              Columbia, SC 29201

                              Tel. 1-803-233-0541


  Autism. Hand in Hand

                            An educational portal.  A variety of programs for teaching different skills.



  AIT For You

                             Berard Auditory Integration Training

                             Imbalanced learning, autdiory processing challenges, hyposensitive

                             or hypersensitive hearing. These imbalances in hearing ability can create

                             auditory confusion, language delays, articulation problems, behavior problems

                             and other complications.

                             Terrie Silverman, Training & Consultation

                              524 E. Jefferson Street

                             Oconomowoc, Wisconson 53066

                             Tel. 1-262-569-7828

                             E mail.



  Autism Treatment Center of America

                              Worldwide teaching center fo the Son-Rise Program, a powerful,

                              effective and totally unique treatment for children and adults

                              challenged by autism.

                              Tel. 1-877-766-7473  + 001-413-229-2100


  Beacon Day School

                             A community formed by parents, educators, and other professionals to

                             illuminate a world of possibilities for students, elementary through high

                            school, with autism spectrum disorder.

                            588 N. Glassell St.

                            Orange, California 92867

                            Tel. 1-714-288-4200


  Behavior Analysts

                           Behavior Analysts, Inc., seeks to provide high-quality, effective interventions

                           for children with developmental disabilities and their parents as well as

                           provide training to other professionals in the delivery of theses services.

                           311 Lennon Lane Suite A

                           Walnut Creek, California 94598

                           Tel. 1-925-262-8523



  Different Roads to Learning

                           Your complete ABA and VB resource. Carrying over 350 products

                           carefully selected to support the autism community.

                           37 East 18th  Street  10th floor

                           New York, NY 10003

                           Tel. 1-800-853-1057

                           e mail.


  Discount School Supply

                           We offer the lowest prices guarenteed on teacher supplies and quality

                           products for early childhood educators, caregivers and parents of young

                           children to support child development.  We offer many common-allergen-

                           free products.



  Discovery Toys Link

                          Because play is so vital to children, we're commited to providing the

                          highest quality toys, books, games and software throughout all stages

                          of a child's development.

                          e mail.


  Do 2 Learn

                          Games, Songs, Communication Cards, Print resources and information

                          for special needs.


  LakeShore Learning

                          Products designed with learning in mind.  Offers a variety of educational products

                          from furniture and art materials to puzzles and hands-on learning kits.



                           Our mission has been to provide innovative, effective, affordable, and

                           therapeutically-sound materials for speech-language pathologists. 

                           3100 4th Avenue

                           East Moline, Illinois 61244

                           Tel. 1-800-776-4332


  Paula Kluth

                         This website is dedicated to promoting inclusive schooling and exploring

                         positive ways of supporting students with autism and other disabilities.



                       Resource for parents and professionals or anyone interested in teaching

                       children with autism.




                             "The RDI program grew out of an integration of extensive research of both

                             autism and typical relationship development.  I believe that most people on

                             the autism spectrum are capable of participating as true partners in authentic

                             emotional relationships, if only we provide a means for them to learn in a

                             gradual systematic way."

                                                                                   Dr. Steven Gutstein

                             Connections Center

                             4130 Bellaire Boulevard suite 210

                             Houston, Texas 77025

                             Tel. 1-866-378-6405

                             e mail.



  Speechville Express

                           If your child has difficulty with speech, language, communication, or is a late

                          talker, we hope you will find our website helpful.  Our aim is to provide you with

                          knowledge about available resources to help your child, or a child you care

                          about who has a communication impairment or disorder.



  Super Duper Publications

                       Fun learning materials for kids with special needs.

                       Tel. 1-800-277-8737   001-864-288-3536




                      Developmentally Appropriate Educational Resources.

                      Mission: To stay on the cutting edge of research to develop a brand that parents

                      know thry can trust and really help their children.





  The Davis Center

                       The Davis Center is a premier center offering a variety of sound based therapies

                       to enhance hearing, speech, learning and wellness.

                       Tel. 1-862-251-4637



  The Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental and Learning Disorders

                       Founded by Stanley Greenspan and Serena Wieder, the Interdisciplinary

                       Council on Developmental and Learning Disorders ( ICDL ) has been a

                       pioneer in its work to advance the identification, prevention, and treatment

                       of developmental and learning disorders.  Through its research, training

                       and publications, ICDL extends knowledge of developmental processes

                       and provides a frameword DIR/Floortime Model for understanding and

                       improving interventions with infants, children and adults with challenges

                       in relating, communication and thinking including autism spectrum


                       4938 Hampden Lane, Suite 800

                       Bethesda, Maryland 20814

                       Tel. 1-301-656-2667


  The Appreciation Station

                       The Appreciation Station encourages good behavior in your children-

                       without pressure, arguments, or fighting.  The Appreciation Station works

                       because it sets your child up for success

                       3187 Meadow Brook Dr.

                       Woodbury, Minnesota 55125

                       Tel. 1-612-366-4470






         Tony Attwood

                     This website is a guide for parents, professionals and people with

                     asperger's syndrome and their partners.




  Trainland Tripod

                   Beyond Autism is a very extensive autism resource search engine.