Welcome to Issue 15

The Autism File still remains one of the strongest Autism publications on the worldwide market today and has received many wonderful reports of autistic children improving and in some cases reversing their statements.This is fantastic news, not only for the parents but the children themselves. It also gives us all hope for a much brighter future ahead. It also gives us further evidence that an inflammatory process, an immunological disturbance, a biochemical disruption or a combination of two or more may be an ongoing problem within some of our children.

This is further reinforced by the many biological issues presented by our children, ranging from gut problems, nutrient deficiencies and immunological problems to name but a few. The Autism File has been instrumental in initiating many positive projects over the past 4 years. To recap; Many of you may remember the Billy Tommey “Secretin” story which was aired on Sir Trevor MacDonald’s “Tonight” programme back in 1999. Generating the interest in, and availability of Secretin in the U.K. The Ainsworths Pharmacy Secretin study in 2000 and the release of homeopathic secretin.

The “Live Blood” analysis conducted by Dr Emar Vogellar of the Autism Research Treatment Centre in 2000 and the availability of a new range of BIOSA products for autistics. The retailing of Kirkman Products by the Nutricentre in 2000 and the training of Nutricentre staff. The background evidence for “Digestive enzyme” products by Kirkman Laboratories.

Representing parents of autistic children as a lay member of the Medical Research Councils advisory panel in their completion of the “Epidemiology and causes” document released to the Department of Health in 2001.

The Questionnaire availability in Issue 10 and the University Of Readings “gut flora” study in 2002. The initiation of the Nutrilink Group of practitioners with its co-ordinator Mike Ash in 2002-PRESENT which remains a growing section of the Autism File. Promoting tried and tested products beneficial to autistic sufferers. We are not only a magazine that brings revolutionary, contemporary and highly beneficial information to parents before anyone else but as you can see, we initiate and provide a host of associated areas in which research and progression into this disorder can and will continue to unveil the abnormalities experienced by our children with the hope of finding the answers to many questions. With your help we aim to succeed.

Issue 15 Contents

  • Products for Problems
  • Autism: A Functional Nutritional Approach Part 3
  • Todayism
  • Auditory Integration Therapy
  • FastForword
  • Dr Wakefield: His Side of the Story
  • The Autism Spectrum Disorders
  • Polly Tommey Comments
  • Avoiding Bowel Dysbiosis with Inulin
  • Conference Talk
  • Products Tried and Tested
  • What is Maximol Solution?
  • Houston Nutraceuticals Ltd
  • The Autism File School Listing