Welcome to Issue 17

Again we have selected a number of diverse and varied topics for this issue and have placed emphasis on diagnostic testing available to all individuals suffering from autism.

Biochemical interventions are now widely recognised as paramount in helping treat and in some cases recovering autistic children.
Our son Billy is doing incredibly well and one day I hope to bring news of his recovery but it takes time, patience and dedication.

We are opening a Clinic in London in October when Jon will be qualified to practice as a post grad clinical nutritionist and he looks forward to helping you help your child. More details will be provided on the clinic and the seminars he will be hosting in Issue 18.

If any of you would like to make an advanced appointment, please contact The Autism File for further information.
Remain positive - there is a wonderful future awaiting our children.

Issue 17 Contents

  • Jonathan Tommey Reports
  • ASD & Testing by Mike Ash
  • Wanted: Children with Chronic Behaviour
  • Nordic Naturals
  • Health Kinesiology, Allergy Testing & ASD
  • Book Review
  • Nutritional Intervention
  • Chelation Therapies - do they work?
  • Zinc Taste Test Theory
  • Why We Need Sulphur
  • A Brand New Journey with Sound Foundations
  • Polly Tommey Comment
  • Products: Tried & Tested