Welcome to Issue 18

Having spent 6 years looking after Billy I have met and worked with some wonderful people associated with autism. These people, Billy and all of the parents I have been lucky to meet and know have enabled me to better understand Billys’ autism. Billy has not only given myself the drive and enthusiasm to fight his autism for him but he has influenced thousands of parents with autistic children across the world to do the same for their children. Billy has achieved a great deal such as TV appearances on the Tonight programme with the “secretin story”. He has initiated The Autism File,The Nutri-link practitioners, the Hampton live blood analysis,The Reading University Research trials, the Ainsworth secretin study, the MMR issue, my involvement with the Medical Research Council, my Clinical Nutrition Degree and now The Autism File Clinic. His improvement has been an emotional, motivational yet educational rollercoaster and one that I have been privileged to ride. He has just popped his head around the study door and has said, “Dad, can I have an orange please?”. O.K son. I replied. Four years ago speech, let alone fruit would not have been a thought process but have both since become reality. He has indeed made considerable progress. We are fortunate. I do apologise for consuming a little more space than usual in this issue but felt it necessary to talk about the clinic, my approach and the services offered.

I do hope you shall continue to enjoy The Autism File and if you have any queries, questions or indeed would like your child to appear on the now infamous front cover please write in. On that note I would like to formally apologise to the Wiggington family as their article was not published in Issue 17.This was entirely our fault and we are pleased to include it within this issue with his photograph.

We wish you all the very best. I wish you all the best with your endeavours.

Issue 18 Contents

  • Jonathan Tommey Reports
  • The Autism File Clinic
  • Beyond Autism: From Fear to Hope
  • Iridology
  • Understanding Food Allergies
  • Daniel
  • Nutritional Support. GI & Liver Function in Leaky Gut
  • Autism: Missing Link
  • Autism can be corrected
  • Nikki Riggs
  • Mailbox
  • Polly Tommey Comment