Welcome to Issue 19

Sorry for the delay in getting this issue to you, mainly due to the ever increasing printing/layout and postage costs. This is why we have organised an Autism File Ball (full details on page 11) to raise much needed funds to enable the magazine to continue. Please try and come – it’s going to be a really fun evening and a wonderful opportunity to meet each other. So gather your friends and call either Polly, Jon or Ann to book a place or table.

Enjoy the magazine and as always please contact us with your feedback, questions and experiences. Looking forward to meeting as many of you all as possible on June 10th 2006.

Issue 19 Contents

  • Jonathan Tommey Reports: Autism - Has it changed your life?
  • Is Autism an immune inflammatory disease? by Mike Ash
  • Autism Numbers decline in California
  • Mini Review: Intestinal Pathophysiology in Autism
  • Gold Dust: Christo’s Story
  • Mother of child with Autism creates breakthrough Interactive CD
  • Autism rates decline as mercury is removed from childhood vaccines
  • Products Tried and Tested by Cathy Devereux
  • Polly Tommey Comment
  • Mailbox: Reader’s Letters