Welcome to Issue 21

I hope you all had a great summer with not too many dramas!

Jon has literally just got back from the DAN Seattle Conference; he seems to be enthusiastic about some of the speakers out there.
Read his article on page 21 - Ann is frantically typing as I write!

I have been asked by a number of readers for articles on Makaton, if there is someone out there that can do this, could they contact me please!
For all that want to order Nutricentre products, to get your 20% discount there is a new code for Autism File subscribers which is AF2006.
Also, all organisations that want their events/conferences published please email them to us for our Dates for Diary’s section.

You may like to put in your diaries the date for the Treating Autism Two Day Biomedical Conference next February in Bournemouth, it’s got a great line up of speakers and on top of that it will be good to see as many of you as possible. The Autism File [that’s Ann, Jon and I!] are going to have a stand there, so please come and say hello!

I hope you enjoy this issue.

Issue 21 Contents

  • Jonathan Tommey Reports: Intestinal Dysbiosis in ASD
  • Rachael's Diary
  • What is in the future for autistic teens/adults?
  • Billy by Bella Tommey
  • Autism Art & Music 2006
  • Questions that need answers
  • Our New Campaign for Adult Autistic Care
  • Seagreens Advertorial
  • DAN Conference 2006 Seattle, Washington State
  • Polly Tommey Comment