Welcome to Issue 23

As you will notice, in this issue, there is an application form inviting you all to join The World Autism Organisation (WAO). Paul Shattock has written a piece in brief to introduce the WAO. Please join, it’s not expensive and it’s so important that we have an organisation like this that represents autism in the world.

There will be a report from WAO in every issue of The Autism File.

We had a fantastic time at The Treating Autism Conference, well done to Mandi Rodwell for organising a brilliant two days! The Autism File Ball is booked again!

This year we are sharing this event with The Autism Trust, which is now a fully formed charity so please come and support us… Apart from anything else it’s a great party… this year there will be photographs!

On a different note, The Autism File desperately needs someone to update the website. Is there any clever reader out there that can do this for us? There’s a lifetime subscription in it for you!!

Thanks to everyone who has contacted us with their support for The Autism File and The Autism Trust, your help and experience are much needed and important so that we continue in the right direction.

Enjoy this issue… issue 24 will be with you in June!

Issue 23 Contents

  • Stephen Wiltshire Interview
  • Questions for Ken Aiken
  • Polly's Comment
  • Hesley Village: A community for individuals
  • Jonathan Tommey Reports: The Liver & Autism
  • The Autism Trust: Building a future for autistic adults
  • ASD & Foster Care by Phil Heslop
  • An interview with Dr Emar Vogelaar
  • News from Across the Pond by Jeff Sell
  • World Autism Organisation
  • Auditory processing & Autism by Alan Heath
  • Movement Matters... by Viv Haliwood
  • Serendipity: Our familys' special journey through Autism by A. Gladdys G Iral MD