About Us

The Autism File is a bi-monthly magazine dealing with all aspects of autism.

It is written by:

  • parents
  • doctors
  • consultants
  • teachers
  • anyone in the field of autism who has anything to say on any subject concerning autism

We aim to give as much information as possible, with medical updates including:

  • vaccination coverage
  • diet and nutrition
  • recipe pages for gluten and casein free diets
  • problems solved
  • organisations and support groups advertised
  • parents
  • sibling and family views on treatments tried and tested
  • books
  • videos
  • websites to look out for
  • your say
  • what you want and much more

The Autism File Magazine was founded by Polly Tommey in 1999. Polly Tommey and her husband, Jonathan, had become frustrated by the scarcity of resources and information to support them in caring for their son, Billy, who has autism.

They have since committed much of their lives to helping Billy and others like him. Working from a bedroom in their home, Polly Tommey has become one of the primary spokeswomen for autism awareness in the UK.

The Autism File Magazine has grown with the Tommeys. Over the years it has developed in reputation, stature and distribution to the point where it is now considered the first port of call for many families, children and adults with autism.

What makesĀ The Autism File special?

The Autism File magazine and website were borne of a passion. No one understands better than Jonathan and Polly Tommey the challenges of caring for a child with autism. The majority ofThe Autism File staff are directly affected by autism so this is considered more a labor of love than a business. This alone sets The Autism File apart from the rest.

Now, as an ongoing source of support and advice, together with informative scientific content,The Autism File is not afraid to challenge, debate and discuss the issues regarding autism no matter how controversial they might be, much to the consternation of those that would rather this were not the case!

This is the reality of the vision of Polly Tommey.

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