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Autism File Global Call to Action


In recorded history, few groups of people have had to suffer the misunderstanding, prejudice, and wrath of an affronted professional vanity as have those with autism and their families. One of the more extreme examples of this is the allegation of child abuse in the form of Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy by a medical [system] seeking to displace blame for its own failings. It is particularly sad when this allegation – of a now largely discredited diagnostic label – is made of parents for their use of physician-directed medical intervention that has improved their child’s health and quality of life. This sadness is compounded by the fact that the child’s improvement means that their formal diagnosis of an autism spectrum disorder is no longer applicable, having been revised to developmental delay. Sadness turns to frustration as the system seeks to interpret this clinical improvement as evidence that the child never did, in fact, have autism in the first place – the parents somehow fooled the diagnosing physician. And frustration erupts into an anger honed to such an edge that it would fell the granite pillars of this “just” system as the child is taken from his parents, his treatment stopped, his special diet substituted for slops, and vaccine catch-up prescribed by order of the State. Now take this affront to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness and multiply it by a factor of five – five children from one family taken into “care” and presented with less than 4 weeks to mount a proper legal defense against the might and resources of the State. As a parent, will you lie in fear, waiting for that knock on your door? As a relative or friend of the autism community, will you stand idly by?

The Autism File Global would like to bring the plight of one Arizona family to your attention. It is a plight that looms for many if we do not act, joining as a community. The Autism File Global is raising a legal aid fund to ensure that, at the very least, this family has access to the process of justice. Please contribute; every single dollar counts.

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How to make a donation:

You can make a donation by writing a check out to:
“Autism File Global - Arizona5″
and mail to:

Arizona 5 Campaign c/o The Autism File Global
1816 W. Houston Ave.
Fullerton, CA 92833

You can also donate online safely using PayPal:

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