The Autism File

Hodge Jones & Allen have a group of solicitors advising over 200 parents of children who may have been damaged by the MMR vaccine. Patrick Allen, managing partner, makes the following observations:

Many parents have reported that their children have become autistic or developed autistic symptoms following administration of the MMR (mumps, measles and rubella) vaccine which was introduced by the Government in 1988. Although a number of side effects have been noted by parents, autism is the most common.

Children who have developed autism following MMR did not display the typical signs of autism beforehand. They were developing normally in every way until they had the vaccine. With classic autism, the signs are there at an early age, frequently within the first year of life, even if it takes hindsight to indentify them. The reporting of a large group of children with atypical autism following MMR is a worrying development and legal aid has been granted to hundreds of children for the investigation of potential claims against the manufacturers of the vaccine.

Over the last year, writs in a number of cases have been issued in the High Court in London and the first hearing to manage the case took place on 3rd September. Solicitors acting for the children will shortly be sending copies of medical records and letters of claim to the defendants. Meanwhile, the Government is emphasising the benefits of the MMR vaccination and the injuries it prevents. The Government’s national vaccination programme is for the greater good of the health of the nation but children who have been seriously injured as a result of it should be compensated.

In the USA, the Government runs a generous scheme to compensate those injured by vaccines. It is paid for by the manufacturers by a levy on each vaccine sold. In this country, we need an urgent acknowledgement from the Government and the vaccine manufacturers that the MMR vaccine can and does cause damage, that compensation will be paid in proper cases and dangerous vaccines will be withdrawn. Without such action, confidence in the vaccination programme will continue to diminish and a great injustice will be done to the injured children.



I recently read a report in the magazine ‘What Doctors Dont Tell You’ June 1999 and was completely astonished with the most under diagnosed health problem in the West, parasites may be responsible for a multitude of conditions - from joint pain and chronic fatigue to many general disorders of the gut and immune system. As I am no expert in parasitology I have had to plageurise a lot of the article but have condensed it to what I feel is most relevant to our readers.

In brief parasites can be protozoa, Giardea and Cryptosporadium, worms and flushes. Dr Gall says ‘every patient with disorders of the immune function, including multiple allergies (especially food allergies) and patients with unexplained fatigue or with chronic bowel symptoms should be evaluated for the presence of intestinal parasites’. Parasites latch onto those whose immune systems are functioning poorly, as a lot of ‘autistic’ children are showing.


There are a number of tests that can be done but taking samples of ‘rectal mucous’ which eggs adhere to ‘is the most reliable way of determining whether an individual is suffering from parasitic infestation’. If left undetected these parasites can infest their tissues and organs and cause extensive gut damage. A number of doctors have evidence that they can cause Crohn’s disease, worms, i.e. Ascaris Lumbricoides may cause pneumonia and Idiopathic bronchial asthma. ‘In immune compromised patients Cryptosporidium and Giardea infestation can cause malabsorption and nutrient loss.’

A lot of drugs which treat parasites can cause further disruptions to the immune system. These parasites can toughen their cell walls to a nearly impermeable state unaffected by drugs. The main treatment for parasites is prevention and failing that a cocktail of herbal remedies. This centres around keeping the immune system strong and the gut healthy so that parasites are both less inclined and less able to take hold. In the meantime, parasites may parallel that of candida so we must not underestimate how fundamentally they can affect human health.


Parascope Laboratory (01132 924657) or in the USA - The Great Smokies Laboratory.


  • Effective for Liverflukes - Chelidonium
  • Threadworm - Cina
  • Roundworm - Santimonium,
  • Tapeworm - Felix.
Homoeopathic tissue salts such as Calcium Phosphate, Sodium Phosphate and the like may also be helpful in supporting a system damaged by parasites. Contact Ainsworth Homoeopathic Pharmacy, London. Be patient, treatment must be done over a two month period, minimum, as it will cover the entire lifecycle of the parasite.

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