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Lymph Glands
Most people said that their children had swollen lymph glands, here are a few replies.

Our son has a swollen right lymph gland. On noticing it I was convinced it was cancer. It swells up and down but never goes away. JH

In response to the question regarding swollen lymph glands in the back of the neck. My four-and-a-half year old autistic son also has raised lymph glands in the right hand side of his neck and although this doesn’t seem to bother him on a day to day basis he will not let us examine them, which in turn makes us think that they are indeed painful to touch.
Coincidentally, the day after my son was born my lymph glands in the groin area were raised (although not too painful) and although it was not diagnosed until 12 months later I actually had Non-Hodgkins lymphoma (cancer of the lymphatic system).
My son’s paediatrician says his swollen glands are nothing to worry about but obviously with the cancer link we do worry. It is interesting that other autistic children have swollen glands, along with the red ears, digestive problems etc, yet another common link between autistic children. GR

I have had many trips to our GP about our son’s lymph glands. There is no explanation for it as far as they can make out. It gets worse when his dark circles appear around his eyes. Any ideas? LD

We had our son tested for glandular fever and it came up positive. They say that this virus comes and goes, I put the constant swelling of the lymph glands down to this. RL

Our son’s lymph glands are always enlarged in his neck, he looks like he has forgotten to swallow gobstoppers! I’ve researched as much as I can, but all the books say that often with faulty immune systems, the lymph nodes are constantly trying to fight off infections, so it may be connected to the poisons/toxins caused by food allergies in autistic children and also their immune system not working properly. VB

Epsom Salts
I have read that Epsom Salts can do something for autistic children if you put it in their bath water – well what? And if this is true, how much do we give and how often? TR

Rough Pimply Skin
Does anyone notice rough pimply skin on their child’s forearms? My son gets this occasionally which I think suggests that I sometimes have to increase even more of his EFA 3’s and 6’s. VB

Urine smell
My son drinks and pees nonstop (although not as much as he did before I started him on large doses of linseed oil and evening primrose oil which has increased his EFA intake). He has a very strong smell of urine which I can smell on him constantly! Maybe due to nutrients flushing straight through his body without being absorbed (leaky gut again).

MRI Scan
We have not had this done but we notice that our son has a very small head. At birth his head measurement was on the 2nd percentile while his weight and length was 50+. Now his height is 75 percentile while his head is about 35. JH



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