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Diagnostic Testing

A Directory listing of companies providing diagnostic testing for autism and it’s related disorders Continue reading

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Las Madres del Camino Real: The Mothers of the Royal Road by Carmel Wakefield

The last time I wrote to you was just days before Christmas 2009 with the prospect of the General Medical Council (GMC) verdict looming large. It’s hard to believe that another year has grown wings and flown past; once again Christmas is on the horizon. What a year this has been! Continue reading

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Dan Burns’ Savage, Sacred Passage through the Land of Autism by Sandra Dutreau Williams, PhD

““How can Dan live with this?” I thought.

In Saving Ben Dan Burns answers that question with rich imagery and dynamic writing. He shows us their world as it rises with hope, circles in confusion, slips out of control, and crashes. They survive; they reach higher ground as Dan doggedly reconstructs his life and Ben’s, pushing through what all parents of autistic children face in raising someone unlike anyone they’ve ever known.” Continue reading

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Editor’s Perspective

“What shall I write for the newsletter?” I asked Kelly Morgenfeld, our newest and increasingly invaluable Autism File Global team member, who had been tasked with putting together our eNewsletter. “Something science-y”, she said. And that set me thinking. Continue reading

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A note from Spectrum Mummy…

Sick of ‘Top Tips’ for a perfect Christmas? Me too. Christmas is a time when I am even more aware of how different Autism makes my family. I write this late in November, and I’m already wondering what to do … Continue reading

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TRP Wellness DVD Series by Rachel Hunter and Britt Collins

The TRP Wellness DVD set, we believe will be incredibly beneficial for those parents that want more than their insurance company provider are allotting or perhaps for those that simply can’t afford private OT sessions. TRP Wellness gives you the information and guidance needed and takes you through your child’s individual plan for the entire day. Continue reading

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Tasks Galore by Laurie Eckenrode, Pat Fennell, and Kathy Hearsey

Tasks Galore designs meaningful tasks and incorporates movement and sensory input that makes the child’s learning experience enjoyable and effective. Using visual structure and cues on the student’s level of learning and understanding ensures that the child will advance in his or her abilities. Continue reading

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The Encyclopedia of Dietary Interventions by Karyn Seroussi and Lisa Lewis, PhD.

Anyone looking to understand, implement or maintain dietary interventions will find this book incredibly helpful. Karyn Seroussi and Lisa Lewis have written an invaluable resource for your autistic child, loved one with immune system dysfunction or someone combating yeast and bacteria. Continue reading

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A Child’s Journey Out Of Autism by LeeAnn Whiffen

This family’s journey of hope and recovery is documented page by page from the real life mom’s perspective. A Child’s Journey out of Autism is a telling story of confusion and research, which is told in a way that those of us in the autism community can all relate to. A well told and compelling tale of a family trying to understand what has happened and how to treat their son and find the answers needed. Continue reading

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Autism Spectrum Disorders by Chantal Sicile-Kira

When I give copies of Autism Spectrum Disorders to individuals learning about autism, I often say, “Most books give you information on autism. This book gave me hope and encouragement.” Continue reading

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