Take It to the Cross

By Vicki Sotack -

Everyone has their own journey, their own story, and their own way of coping. For me, my faith has given me strength in the dark times. Even so, there are moments when a haunting voice inside my head says to me, “Vicki, other children have recovered from autism on a fraction of the interventions Nathan has had. This is his destiny. This is your destiny. This is the destiny of your husband and your daughter. AUTISM RULES.”

At those times, that dreadful voice echoes inside my head like a broken record…until I find myself on my face, begging for mercy. Astonishingly, every single time I reach that depth of despair over my precious little boy living with autism, my faith sustains me. God rains down His amazing grace and an awesome sense of hope fills my heart. That, I assure you, is what rules. HOPE RULES!…and for me, my belief and trust in God enables me to foster incredible hope – even in the darkest of times.  The saying, “Faith is not knowing that God can. It is believing that He will.” really resonates with me. It reminds me that, through Him, ALL things are possible, even healing.

“Take It to the Cross” Autism Awareness Pendant

As an “ASD Mom” who is often full of hope, and who sometimes wrestles with grief, I find it very therapeutic to channel my emotions over life with autism into my creative outlet of jewelry making. I draw inspiration off the challenges and triumphs faced in confronting my son’s autism and infuse those inspirations into my jewelry creations. Whether in a moment of celebration, or in a moment of grief, I rest in the promise of HOPE that comes from taking all that is autism to the cross.

by Vicki Sotack, Cincinnati, OH, USA


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