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I Believe I Can Do Anything: Up to my graduation … and beyond

It is a lot easier said than done when I say I graduated from high school. It took some real hard work, a lot of patience, a great team of… Read more »

Rewards of Friendship

Rewards of Friendship

Friendship is a truly wonderful thing: a unique blend of affection, loyalty, love, respect, trust, and loads of fun. Isn’t this something we all strive for? Sadly, children with autism… Read more »

Welcome To The RUGROOM

Welcome To The RUGROOM

Working as a freelance SEN (special education needs) consultant in Norfolk, I am in and out of mainstream schools. I advise on adapting the curriculum, teaching styles, timetables, and classroom… Read more »

Practical Approaches to Taking Care of Nails and Hair: Training Away Fear and Resistance

Imagine having someone come at you with scissors to cut your nails or hair. Imagine someone turning on clippers to give you a buzz cut. Imagine the metal glint of… Read more »

Hope On Horseback

When I think about all the therapies and interventions we’ve tried over the years to help my son, Leo, who has autism, I have to say that therapeutic riding ranks… Read more »

Sibling Strength

Mom, in class today, we read a story about a younger brother who had an older brother with special needs,” said JP, my younger son, on an early fall day… Read more »

Treatments for Autism Spectrum Disorder Through Special Diets

This Article reprinted with permission from Living Without Magazine. When you see Kaitlyn Ford with her friends, you might not notice anything unusual about her. If she stands out at… Read more »

One Parent’s Way of Avoiding Crises at Thanksgiving and Christmas

Holidays are stressful for everyone regardless of how much joy they bring. The challenges that come with raising a child on the autism spectrum −especially with other siblings − only… Read more »

I love you too

Sometimes when I do something nice for my husband or compliment what he’s wearing, he flashes that slow grin and says, “I love you too.” Cocky, I think - I… Read more »

Meet Lisa Blakemore Brown

On this episode of Living With Autism: Polly Tommey and Lisa Blakemore Brown, a psychologist and autism expert, discuss how society’s profound lack of understanding about people with autism has led to the wrongful imprisonment of many. They make a powerful point - are people with autism a danger to society or is society a danger to people suffering from autism?

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