Curt’s Blog Post: Happy Holidays!

Posted on 07. Dec, 2010 by Curt Linderman in Blogs, Curt's Blog

Curt Linderman Sr. is the North American Advertising Director for The Autism File Global LLC, co-editor of, a co host of the upcoming Autism Media Channel program; No Holds Barred and the co host (with his lovely wife) of Linderman Live! On Autism One Radio. Curt is married and the father of four children, his youngest son was vaccine injured at 20 months of age and is now on the spectrum. His style of activism may not be for everybody, but for those with a sense of humor, an in-your-face attitude and an inability to deal with lies and cover-ups; you might just like what he has to say!

Welcome to the new Autism File .com! As I have been involved with The Autism File now for three years, I have never been more excited about the future of our cause. As local, state, national and international government agencies and new organizations have continued to lie about the numbers, causes and treatments regarding the number one epidemic facing this planet, The Autism File Global is the leading and most trusted place to get the truth. I am so proud to be a member of this team! I will be writing a weekly blog for along with my other duties within the organization and I look forward to hearing from my readers.

So many families are struggling with the day to day hardships of dealing with a child, adolescent or adult on the autism spectrum and the Holidays can be an especially rough time. I personally remember having to take two cars to family gatherings and having a contingency plan set with my wife on who would be responsible for taking our son home early when he predictably became over stimulated with all of the activity and noise. Normally this plan would be predicated on whose family we were visiting (if we were at my family get together, Kim would take him home, at hers, I would be the one to leave early).

Then there is the issue of foods at these gatherings that are off limits to so many of our children and the inevitable family member that seems to think that you’re such a horrible parent for denying your child a sugar cookie on Christmas or that pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. Aren’t they also the ones that shoot that disdainful look at you and your child when, after having sneaked him a cookie, he goes into a blind rage or tantrum and has to be consoled or removed from the get together? How many of us have been there? While Kim and I personally are blessed with a number of amazing and understanding family members, there always seems to be that one in the crowd!

The holidays, while seemingly more and more commercial every year, are also a time for giving and I cannot caution you enough on where and how you give! If you are a family member of a child affected with autism (or the ever-so-infrequent parent of a child that still has the monetary resources still available for charity) and you are wanting to donate funds to a charity of your choosing that is dealing with this epidemic: do your homework. What does the CEO, CFO, president, V.P. and other officials bring home from your generous donation? Note: if it’s 7 figures….try another charity.

Do the organizations that you’re considering donating to follow your personal views on how that money should be spent? If you’re fighting for justice in our schools for our children, why give money to an organization that simply wants autism to become a household word? We are aware already for God’s sake! If you want this epidemic to stop, why give money to an organization that pushes vaccines and GMO foods to third world nations (I. e. the Gates Foundation, The United Nations etc)? Just do your homework.

Local organizations that you can be a part of are a great place to start when determining the benefactor of your donations. What’s really great about these organizations is that you can better see the benefits of your giving and if you do happen to be one of those families that don’t have the monetary means to give, volunteering your time is another option. Another personal note on this matter: IF YOU’RE “WALKING FOR AUTISM” AND NOT MARCHING…. YOU’RE PROBABLY WASTING YOUR TIME AND MAKING SOMEONE VERY RICH IN THE PROCESS!

And now for a bit of shameless promotion: Do you have someone that is asking you what you’d like for the holidays? Ask for a subscription to The Autism File! Do you have that school teacher, aid, therapist, doctor, homeopath or friend that you really appreciate? Order them a subscription to The Autism File! It would even make a great gift for that family member that keeps destroying your holidays when he or she smuggles that Santa shaped sugar cookie to your child’s dinner table at those family gatherings! It might wake them up a bit! You might even want to consider buying a subscription for your local politician or public health department, although they might not see this in quite the spirit of giving as you do. It truly is a gift that keeps on giving year round!

Either way, you would be supporting a wonderful print and online organization that is reporting the truth and trying to change the world for the better. Something we desperately need and can all agree on!

Happy Holidays and Blessings to you and yours!

Curt Linderman Sr.

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    Look out world; Linderman’s back!!!

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