Diagnostic Testing

Posted on 05. Jan, 2011 by Curt Linderman in Advertisers Directory, Diagnostic Testing

Genova Diagnostics is a global leader in functional laboratory testing, pioneering innovative new approaches to personalized medicine.

Patients and clinicians focusing on wellness and prevention and taking an active role in managing health prefer diagnostic tests designed to help identify problems before chronic conditions and diseases develop. Unlike traditional labs that focus on disease pathology, Genova specializes in comprehensive panels that combine standard and innovative biomarkers to provide a more complete understanding of specific biological systems. Link

The Great Plains Laboratory, Inc. is the world leader in providing testing for nutritional factors in chronic illnesses such as fibromyalgia, autism and ADD.

We offer a variety of metabolic tests such as immune deficiency evaluation, amino acid tests, essential fatty acid tests, glutathione levels, metal toxicity and food allergies tests. To find a specialist or to obtain a physician referral, our customer service department is available to assist you. Free 30 minute phone consultations to assist in the interpretation of our test results are also available.

The Great Plains Laboratory is located in Lenexa, Kansas, in the Greater Kansas City area. You don’t need to travel to Kansas City to have a test done in our laboratory; you or your doctor may order test kits by phone, fax, or over the Internet. You can count on our experienced team of biochemists and lab technicians, as well as first-class customer service staff. We help patients from all over the world to reach their potential, and to live a healthier life.

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