Fruity Tofu Brulee


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300g   (11oz) Silken Tofu

200g (1.75 cups) Soft fruit - pears - 1 inch cubes/berries   (raspberries/strawberries),

75ml (5 tbsp) demerara/golden sugar.

30ml (2 tbsp) icing sugar

15ml (1 tbsp) ground almonds (optional)



1. Blend together tofu and icing sugar in a food processor/blender until   the mixture is smooth. Fold in almonds (if using).

2. Fold in fruit and spoon mixture into a 900 ml/1.5 pint/ 3.75 cup   flameproof oven dish - smooth out the top.

3. Cover the top evenly with sugar. Sprinkle with 1 tsp water and place   under a Hot grill until sugar caramelizes (take care not to burn the sugar).   Place in fridge and serve cold.


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