If you have any contacts you feel would be suitable for inclusion to this directory please forward their details to us via e-mail.

What is the Autism File Directory?

The Autism File Directory details reputable and respected organisations and individuals supplying services, products, interventions, therapies, treatments and diagnostics that have become recognised for offering benefits to autistic sufferers and their families.

Our Directory has been designed to allow parents with autistic children to browse contents easily and make informed choices to address issues that are being faced.

Many parents of autistic children are faced with difficulty and confusion when making selective decisions for their child …

How, as parents do we know:

On education and residential …
• Which schools are available for my child?
• What learning techniques are most appropriate?
• Where can my child live in a safe and supported facility?

On treatment …
• Who supplies the best supplements and can provide experienced and practical diet and nutritional interventions?
• What products are available to help my child?
• Who can help us select appropriate diagnostic tests, treatments and therapies?
• What therapies may benefit my child?
• Who can help me with test result interpretation?

On research …
• Where can I read the latest research papers on autism?
• Who can guide me with new interventions?
• Where and when are relevant exhibitions, seminars and conferences?

On support …
• What autism-related services are relevant and most suited?
• What funding and grants are available to us?
• What specialist food companies are available?
• Career opportunities.

On having fun …
• Where can we go on holiday as a family and feel welcome and supported?
• What games and toys are best suited to my child?