The Encyclopedia of Dietary Interventions by Karyn Seroussi and Lisa Lewis, PhD.

Anyone looking to understand, implement or maintain dietary interventions will find this book incredibly helpful. Karyn Seroussi and Lisa Lewis have written an invaluable resource for your autistic child, loved one with immune system dysfunction or someone combating yeast and bacteria.

In 1995, Karyn Seroussi and Lisa Lewis created an international parent network for dietary and biomedical interventions for autism. Thirteen years later, the sum of their knowledge is here in one easy-to-reference guide. In our search to treat and recover our ASD children, we as parents learn that dietary intervention is one of the most successful and important treatments available. The difficulty has always been trying to learn, implement and maintain the diets we choose. All of the needed information is now available in this one comprehensive guide that is easy to read and understand.

This encyclopedia makes implementing dietary intervention seem like a breeze. If you feel that you do not have the time to do the research, the energy to learn the information or enough information to maintain this intervention, this resource is definitely the one for you!

Karyn Seroussi is the author of Unraveling the Mystery of Autism and PDD, which is the story of her son’s recovery through dietary and biomedical interventions.

Lisa Lewis, Ph.D is the author of Special Diets for Special Kids I & II. two of the most insightful and helpful books available on the GF/CF diets for children with disabilities.

All three of the books previously written by these two fine authors were instrumental in helping me with my son on his road to recovery. Their newest endeavor will be even more helpful and I can only imagine how valuable this comprehensive encyclopedia will be to someone who is just starting their journey.

Packed with tips, hints and strategies, The Encyclopedia of Dietary Interventions will make these diets easy to learn and understand with simple but thorough explanations. Karyn and Lisa’s newest book is a must-have resource for those new to the autism diagnosis and battle hardened veterans alike.

The Encyclopedia of Dietary Interventions
By Karyn Seroussi and Lisa Lewis, Ph.D
ISBN 978-0-615-20169-6
Publisher: Sarpsborg Press; 1st Edition June 23, 2020


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