Meet Bella Tommey and Give Autism A Chance

Posted on 04. Oct, 2010 by Polly Tommey in Autism Media Channel, Campaigns, Community, Featured Videos, Give Autism A Chance, Videos


Learn about Bella Tommey’s Battlefront campaign Give Autism A Chance and see how her relationship with her brother Billy has inspired her to become an advocate for those with autistic spectrum disorders.

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3 Responses to “Meet Bella Tommey and Give Autism A Chance”

  1. wona

    31. Oct, 2010

    just want to say ,how fantastic young Bella is …. well done all.

  2. Mickies Mom

    22. Nov, 2010

    Bella is a wonderful sister and Billy is lucky to have a sister like her!!

  3. Row

    21. Feb, 2011

    What Bella is doing really touches my heart.. All person’s in life have valuable contributions to make. My daughter is 28. She has many great qualities including a disability of Autism. She works and also volunteers and helps others. Thank again to Bella, we need many more like her!

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