I am an Autism Junky

Posted on 09. Jan, 2011 by Curt Linderman in Curt's Blog

Hello….My name is Curt Linderman Sr. and I am autism junky. I will, however, not need any 12 step program or peer buddy with a “secret word” to let him know that instead of going to the local watering hole and knockin’ down a couple of pints with my buds, I will instead, be sitting in front of my computer and reading medical journal articles on ileocolonic lymphonodular hyperplasia and concomitant developmental disorder or the latest study on Heptavalent pneumococcal conjugate vaccines and how they’re causing drug resistant strains that could have the potential to kill untold numbers of infants in the future.

The really sad thing about this issue I am having is that I’m not alone. I am a member of a club that I never asked to join. Neither did my fellow members. We do this research, read anything we can get our hands on related to the newest treatment or latest theory because we have to. You see, our children are sick and we need to help them. The doctors that we originally had placed our faith in have poisoned them, destroyed what they could have become and thrust us into a world of distrust, disgust, guilt and autism addiction.

Along with this distrust and guilt comes anger. Some of the time I direct that anger at myself (for listening and trusting pathetic doctors that neither have the will nor the gumption to do one quarter the research that I am now forced to do) and sometimes it’s directed at those doctors, regulators, scientists or politicians. For the most part though, especially lately, it’s directed at the media. At the pharma whore media that is far more likely to be concerned with advertising revenue than they are the truth.

We have once again witnessed this with the latest rendition of Brian Deer’s diatribe that I like to call “I’m building my career by destroying children’s lives with my lies”. It’s a catchy tune (if you’re an outright moron or have sold your very soul to the devil himself) but for me it’s simply a manifestation of a much larger problem: A culture of corruption in what was once a fine institution, the guardians of freedom, the “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going take it anymore” media.  Sadly, the media now is poisoned with the likes of Brian Deer, Matt Lauer, Anderson Cooper and their ilk.

These are a group of “journalists” (and it is sadly now the majority) that might have been rather ideological at one time. They might have believed that they would change the world by exposing government corruption, bring down a maniacal world leader with an expose’ or trample over and expose the lies of large multi-national corporations. Now, they have mortgages, BMW payments, vacation homes and families of their own and they work for large multi-national and corrupt organizations themselves: “News” organizations that depend on advertising dollars (have you been able to watch more than 15 minutes of television without being absolutely amazed at the side effects of the latest drug on the market?)

Is it so hard to believe that the drug companies hold quite a bit of control over what is reported to the public? Apparently for many of the lemmings out there, it is (for those in that category….go finish your episode of Family Guy and let the adults continue reading.) For the autism junkies of the world however, those thrust into this debate with no choice, it is becoming ever more apparent and we are not slowing down in exposing this corruption. I speak only for myself (but rest assured there are thousands just like me out there) when I say I am putting the media on notice: I do not spend a waking moment not thinking about this issue. I will not rest until all of the pharma whore facilitators of the poisoning of our children are exposed, be they doctors, public health officials, politicians, government appointed regulators or “journalists”.

Your days are numbered. As vaccines poison more and more children, the numbers of autism junkies rise. Who could be more passionate about their cause than those that have had their child harmed? As our strength grows, yours weakens. A recent poll claims that 90% of parents believe that vaccine safety should be the top priority of scientists and the medical profession. The truth is coming out. What was once a small hole in the proverbial dike had now flooded the homes and lives of hundreds of thousands of lives and we’re pissed off!

So prepare yourselves pharma whores the world over! Your time is nigh! My wish, my prayer, my calling in life is to see you brought to justice for the crimes you have committed against humanity.  Prison would be too good for such a despicable bunch. Ultimately, you all have to face your maker. I certainly hope I am there when some of you ring for St. Peter. That’s gonna be my ultimate payback. Enjoy your trip to hell!

I think I’ll take that drink now.

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2 Responses to “I am an Autism Junky”

  1. Stephanie Payne

    10. Jan, 2011

    Well said Curt !! I just said the other day while watching a news broadcast with Brian Deer, “Judgement Day for you will be so horrific!!!” The “pearly gates” cartoon is great! Keep seeking truth! We must never quit !!! God Bless.

  2. Erik

    10. Jan, 2011

    speaking of Brian Deer, I saw a humorous barb thrown at him today at Age of Autism by a woman named Alison. “I hate Brian Deer. He reminds of a spoiled, overweight, yippy, snarling, tiny lap dog.” So true!

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