The Autism File

The Autism FileWelcome to Issue 10. In this issue we have included a questionnaire.
It will enable our associated researchers to look into the genetic predisposition, medical issues and biological dysfunctions associated with autism. This has never been researched before with such an extensive questionnaire and sample
This initiative will help model future research studies and move us all closer to better understanding this complex disorder. So, please play your part, complete the questionnaire and return it to us at your earliest convenience.
There are also two studies that have been set up for you to benefit from at no cost: (1) The Gut Dysbiosis research project at The University of Reading which will enable your child to have a free stool analysis and (2) our open trial using Seagreens® product. Completing the questionnaire will give you immediate access to the gut flora analysis and a group will be selected for the product study.
It is imperative that we parents all pull together and create a brighter future for our children – I know we deserve it and so do they. We very much look forward to your questionnaire feedback. Enjoy the articles in this issue. Our very best regards and many thanks.

Polly Tommey

PS Due to popular demand, we have released a book based on the first five issues of The Autism File (click here for details).

In this issue...
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Jonathan Tommey reports:
Summary of the Biological Problems linked to Autism

Detoxification for Children with Autism
Allergies and Intolerances
Reader's Section
Gluten- and Casein-free
A Gut feeling about Autism
Seagreens® and Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Organisations and Contacts

Billy Tommey Update