The Autism File

Spring 2000 issue


We are getting very excited with the amazing improvements we are seeing in Billy. Since taking him off secretin we have conducted a number of tests for Billy using hair, blood, urine and stool samples which as you may have read in the 2nd issue of The Autism File has opened up a new and exciting route for us to take. A route for treatment and a route for continued testing.

We are now seeing improvements in Billy beyond our expectations and so are his school. His eye contact and socialisation are wonderful, his communication through speech and physical language is improving, he is writing his name and he enjoys games and likes to jump into bed and sleep with Bella and Toby. His confidence is much improved and he is blissfully happy. As I write this Billy is singing his alphabet beautifully in the bath. For me this is only the beginning of a rejuvenated life and certainly a healthier, happier world for Billy.
Testing and biochemical intervention through a number of specific treatment protocols has provided this upward surge in both his behaviour, health and his general abilities … who knows where it will end?


We must address the secretin issue as a number of enquiries have asked us if we are still infusing. The answer to that questions is no. From November 1998 until September 1999, Billy had a total of six secretin infusions. Secretin was still hailed as the number one treatment for autism in the USA at the end of last year but I was becoming more sceptical and began asking a number of questions.
As secretin had positive effects on Billy, Why?

  • What is secretin?
  • What does it do?
  • Why was it not being produced or released in the first place?

Does this indicate a gut related disorder?

We stopped using secretin in September 1999 for the following reasons:

  1. I had to take Billy off all treatments and supplements prior to testing.
  2. I knew secretin helped him but I also knew that it would not cure him.
  3. Hydrochloric acid (HCl) released by the stomach into the duodenum triggers off the release of secretin. If insufficient hydrochloric acid is produced by the stomach then secretin will not be released. This would reduce and prevent the release of pancreatic enzymes needed to digest proteins. This is what we found after conducting the Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis.
  4. HCl is controlled by the enzyme carbonic anhydrase, a lack of zinc depresses this enzyme, especially if the gut is inflamed. Minerals in general are absorbed through the wall of the small intestine in an acid medium. If there is insufficient HCl then there will be limited mineral absorption, therefore limited zinc and other minerals. If the functioning of the gut is impaired there is a breakdown in the production of various enzymes and a reduction in the digestion and absorption of proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals.
    Did the whole issue of secretin indicate a digestive tract failure? Yes, we have seen that Billy has a number of problems associated with his gut from candidiasis, parasitic infection, poor digestion of proteins and inflammation

The more results we obtained the more convinced we were that Billy has a digestive tract disorder in common with a dysfunctional immune system.

The biggest breakthrough we have found since my report in the last issue is that Billy has a high reading of antibodies to measles. Dr Singh, who has written for this publication, found Billy to have a high anti-body to measles reading of 6.3 in comparison to a reading of 3.15 for the normal control reading. This is double the value! Why did this not show up in his earlier viral antibody test conducted by The Doctors Laboratory in Wimpole Street, two months earlier, the results of which were negative?

This could indicate an active measles infection. Dr Andrew Wakefield at The Royal Free has found that a large number of autistic children with gut related disorders have the measles virus present in the dendritic cells of the colon. Does this indicate that Billy is another victim of the MMR vaccine? Is this the reason behind the gut related issues?
This may well prove to be our biggest finding from all the results and tests completed. It presents a very important issue here – with Billy’s viral discoveries (the Epstein Barr virus and the measles virus). Does this indicate the creation of an autoimmune disorder? An autoimmune disorder that has had catastrophic effects on his gut and its function? Has this led to the development of his agitated and dysfunctional immune system which in turn has caused impaired behaviour and brain function and therefore – his autism?

Dr Singh also conducted blood serum checks for autoimmune antibodies and found Billy had a high antibody reading to myelin basic protein (the protein that forms the sheath around the nerve cell). He summarised that autoimmunity is believed to be linked to genes that control immune responses. These cause immune abnormalities of the T-lymphocytes which induce the production of antibodies. They involve hormonal factors and they generally show a gender preference. Our family history shows disease related to auto-immunity, in particular rheumatoid arthritis. Can the conclusion be drawn that there is genetic susceptibility within the family? Your feedback via the health and medical questionnaires included in the second issue are fundamentally important here, so please return them as soon as you have a spare moment.

I note that the MMR vaccine, once given, depletes children of their existing supply of Vitamin A. If the measles virus is active in the gut it is able to create a chronic Vitamin A deficiency. Natural Vitamin A is important for the activation of T- and B-lymphocytes for long-term immune memory to develop and is necessary for natural killer cell function. Dr Megson has found Vitamin A to help a number of autistics – perhaps the supplement boosts the production of natural killer cells and redirects the functioning of the T- and B- lymphocytes that fight viral, bacterial and parasitic infections within the child if they are found to be present. Is this another finding that backs Dr Wakefield’s research showing links to bowel disorders and autism with the MMR vaccine? It is also interesting to note that Vitamin A receptors in the brain belong to the class of super hormone receptors such as thyroid, calcitonin and secretin. Is this the explanation why secretin may work for some children – children with an active measles virus?

Certain viral infections can induce an autoimmune response against the brain, thereby altering the development of brain function. Dr Megson also noted that some children did not produce antibodies to MMR immunisation and feels this is due to a defect in T-lymphocytes. His studies have concluded that higher antibody levels to MMR and HHV-6 are found in autistic children compared to typical children, especially if antibodies were present against myelin basic protein.

I wonder what effect the DPT vaccine has had on my son as we saw a surge in chest/ respiratory problems for Billy at around five months?
Could this early vaccine along with food intolerance have caused an early dysfunctional T-cell balance and therefore an insufficient supply of mucosal IgA antibodies in Billy making him more susceptible to viral, fungal and parasitic infections of the surface mucosa? Multiple courses of antibiotics to treat chest, respiratory and ear infections certainly would have not helped either! Is the presence of the measles virus merely an indication of an already dysfunctional immune system before the MMR was given, again emphasising genetic predisposition, food intolerance and DPT?

There is a fine balance between T-cells and B-cells. These lymphocytes carry antibodies to all mucosal surfaces and if
T-Helper 1 (TH1) cells are suppressed due to food intolerance then there will be a suppression in IgA antibodies in the mucosal surfaces. If parents have a history of autoimmune disease within the family and food intolerance then the balance of TH1 cells and TH2 cells is distorted. The pendulum swings from TH1 to TH2 making the body less protected against infection of the mucosa. The child may therefore be more susceptible to food intolerance and a reduced ability to supply antibodies to the mucosal surfaces. It is a common finding that autistic children have a number of allergens, whether food, chemical or environmental, and suffer from a great deal of upper respiratory infections. Is this due to the imbalance of T-cells within the body? As I mentioned previously, TH1 lymphocytes help the body’s defences against viruses, protozoa and fungi. Is this another reason why Billy has food and chemical allergens and also the presence of viral, parasitic and fungal infection? We need to do more testing to see levels of T- and B-cells and cytokine levels.

As I mentioned in the first and second issues of The Autism File we have conducted a number of tests and from the large number of results we can initiate a treatment protocol. We have certainly found that treating Billy’s problems with antifungal, antiparasitic and biochemical intervention has produced a fantastic response. I must stress that these supplements and treatments have been used to treat the symptoms we have found with Billy and are not included here as a general supplement list. Find the problems first and then treat under the supervision of a doctor or nutritionist.

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To me, the modulation and correction of the immune system is imperative. I believe by eliminating already present secondary opportunists such as fungal and parasitic infestors and the elimination of food and chemical allergens will clear a residue of toxic overload so the immune system is given a chance to correct. Viral implications are more difficult to eradicate and homeopathic remedies may help with this approach as you are modulating and boosting the immune system, in particular the T-lymphocytes.
In conclusion I am very optimistic for Billy. With the correct intervention through his current treatment protocol I feel Billy is destined for a healthier life. I will undoubtedly have to do more testing and pursue new avenues and treatments as well as keeping a check on his progress.
I will not give in to this illness. I owe it to my child and I feel the light at the end of a previously long tunnel is getting closer and closer. There is wonderful hope here and with love, support, enthusiasm and commitment, Billy will come out into a newer brighter world.
You and your children have my best wishes with all of your endeavours.