A Child’s Journey Out Of Autism by LeeAnn Whiffen

This family’s journey of hope and recovery is documented page by page from the real life mom’s perspective. A Child’s Journey out of Autism is a telling story of confusion and research, which is told in a way that those of us in the autism community can all relate to.  A well told and compelling tale of a family trying to understand what has happened and how to treat their son and find the answers needed.

The journey will almost certainly hit home to many in our community. The heartbreak and eventual triumph in searching for, finding and implementing the answers to the questions that we all so desperately need answered. Leeann speaks volumes in her book about how critical it is to start early intervention and how hard it was to find the resources that meant so much to Clay’s recovery.

The intensity of the story makes this book almost impossible to put down as you read of Leeann’s search to heal her son.

Leeann is very active in the autism community, particularly in the state of Utah. She has recently been working on Clay’s Law, a Bill requiring that insurance companies pay for the treatment of autism.  The Bill is set to go to the Utah State Senate this year.

For more information on the Bill: http://utahautismcoalition.org

A Child’s Journey out of Autism
By Leeann Whiffen
ISBN-13: 978-1-2019-1838-5
Publisher: Source Books Trade (March 1, 2020)


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