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I’m Polly Tommey, Editor in Chief of The Autism File Global but most importantly the mother of a teenager with autism. I would like to welcome you to the only autism spectrum resource world wide available in print, on-line, in audio and now video.

12 years ago I launched The Autism File Magazine as a means for parents, like myself, of a newly diagnosed child with autism to get information and help.

Now standing by my side here at AFG are the very best experts, authors and advisory committees from around the world producing an unparalleled resource of information to help you and an international community of 1,000’s of mothers, fathers, relatives and professionals living and working with someone with an autism spectrum condition.

Join us now to be part of a team where we aim to support, educate and most importantly work towards a better life for those with autism.

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What Our On-Line Members Are Enjoying Now:

  • Access to all areas of our newly launched Autism Media Channel
  • Exclusive video content on family perspectives, healthy living and nutrition tips, cooking shows, ‘how to’ guides, featured campaigns, politics and human rights
  • Coming in 2011: new shows hosted by well-known figures in the autism world. Conference presentations exclusive to AFG and our first online interactive conference
  • Quarterly on-line magazine (also available in print)

Healthy Living Tips with Jonathan Tommey

Prairie Nights with Carmel O'Donovan

Issue 38, our latest issue, is out now!

This issue contains informative articles such as:

  • 10 quick tips when receiving a diagnosis of autism
  • Stephen Shore with ‘An Asperger’s Point of View’
  • Questions and Answers from parents to people on the spectrum
  • A grandfather’s point of view
  • Ten easy steps for picky eaters
  • Mary Holland updates us on Brueswitz v. Syeth, the first vaccine case for 15 years to be heard in the US Supreme Court
  • Jackie Marquette on three essential questions you must ask if your child is going through a transition
  • European Parliament Report from Brussels
  • Amy Yasko and Nancy Mullan write about how bacterial imbalances may predispose to seizure disorder

There are also 12 years of back issue editions available as PDF downloads containing invaluable information in our online store.


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