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The Autism File Issue 42
In This Issue:
Siblings Speak Up
Keeping Them Safe
Home Makeovers
Foodborne Toxins
Print Edition
Price: $6.99
Digital Edition - PDF Download
Price: $6.99
The Autism File Issue 41
In This Issue:
Take A Break
Schooling At Home
Tasty Lunches
Life After High School
Print Edition
Price: $6.99
Digital Edition - PDF Download
Price: $6.99
The Autism File Issue 40
In This Issue:
Hope On Horseback
Unconditional Love
Pick Eaters
Facing Puberty
Print Edition
Price: $6.99
Digital Edition - PDF Download
Price: $6.99


The Autism File Issue 39
In This Issue:
Sibling Voices
Autism Through a Father’s Eyes
Risk of Anesthesia Regression
Diet for Autism
Available in Digital Download ONLY
Digital Edition - PDF Download
Price: $6.99
The Autism File Issue 38
In This Issue:
10 Easy Steps for Picky Eaters
Autism & the European Parliament
Diagnosis of Autism: 10 Quick Tips
Toxic Chemicals - a Major Risk Factor
Print Edition
Price: $6.99
Digital Edition - PDF Download
Price: $6.99
The Autism File Issue 37
In This Issue:
Autism Fathers: Strength & Resilience
The Genetics of the Autism Spectrum
Traveling Tips and Dining Out
Climbing a Mountain for Autism
Digital Edition - PDF Download
Price: $6.99

Recommended Reading from The Autism File

Price: $23.00
The Autism Revolution: Whole-Body Strategies for Making Life All It Can Be

Move beyond conventional thinking about autism…

After years of treating patients and analyzing scientific data, prominent Harvard researcher and clinician Dr. Martha Herbert offers a revolutionary new view of autism and a transformative strategy for dealing with it. Autism is not a hardwired impairment programmed into a child’s genes and destined to remain fixed forever, as we’re often told. Instead, it is the result of a cascade of events, many seemingly minor: perhaps a genetic mutation, some toxic exposures, a stressful birth, a vitamin deficiency, and a series of infections. And while other doctors may dismiss your child’s physical symptoms—the diarrhea, anxiety, sensory overload, sleeplessness, immune challenges, and seizures—as coincidental or irrelevant, Dr. Herbert sees them as vital clues to what the underlying problems are, and how to help. In The Autism Revolution, she teaches you how to approach autism as a collection of problems that can be overcome—and talents that can be developed. Each success you achieve gives your child more room to become healthy and to thrive.

Drawing from the newest research, technologies, and insights, as well as inspiring case studies of both children and adults, Dr. Herbert guides you toward restoring health and resiliency in your loved one with autism. Her specific recommendations aim to provide optimal nutrition, reduce toxic exposures, shore up the immune system, reduce stress, and open the door to learning and creativity—all by understanding and truly meeting your child’s needs. As thousands of families who have cobbled together these solutions themselves already know, this program can have dramatic benefits—for your child with autism, and for you, your whole family, and your next baby as well.

A paradigm-changing book that offers hope and healing for the millions of families who have autism in their lives, The Autism Revolution shows that there’s plenty you can do every day to give someone you love the best possible gift: a life lived to the fullest potential.

Price: $17.00
The Kid-Friendly ADHD & Autism Cookbook Simple, Delicious, and Fun Recipes

The Kid-Friendly ADHD and Autism Cookbook tackles all of your concerns and serves as a how-to guide for beginning and maintaining a healthier diet that can improve your child’s brain function.

You will learn:

  • How food sensitivities differ from food allergies
  • How to avoid unsuspected sources of gluten, casein, soy, corn, and nuts
  • Ways to “disguise” healthy foods and get rid of junk food
  • What to do about the very picky eater
  • Many substitutes, substitutes, and more substitutes!

If you’ve ever thought that providing your kids with nutritious and delicious gluten and casein-free meals is too much to handle - it isn’t. It’s easier than you think, and it can actually be made to be fun for you and your child. This book shows you how.

Adolescents on the Spectrum Book
Price: $13.50
Adolescents on the Autism Spectrum by Chantal Sicile-Kira
From the award-winning author of Autism Spectrum Disorders, comes Adolescents on the Autism Spectrum, a complete guide to the cognitive, emotional, social, and physical needs of preteens and teenagers with autistic disorders, ranging from the relatively mild Asperger’s Syndrome to more severe ability impairment. Using clear examples, practical advice, and supportive insights, this book covers: 

  • Health risks such as seizures and depression
  • Treatments, therapies, and teaching strategies
  • Teaching skills to cope with puberty, self-care, and social skills
  • Teenage emotions, sexuality, appropriate relationships, and dating
  • Middle school, high school, and developing an Individual Educational Program
  • Preparing for life after high school
Autism Life Skills Book
Price: $12.50

Autism Life Skills by Chantal Sicile-Kira
Award-winning autism expert Chantal Sicile-Kira presents a positive and empowering “bill of rights” for every person with autism regardless of impairment level. With advice and reflections from autistic adults across the spectrum, as well as Sicile-Kira’s own experience as an advocate and parent of an autistic teen, the book covers these ten essential life skills: Making Sense of the World * Communication * Safety * Self-Esteem * Pursuing Interests * Self-Regulation * Independence * Social Relationships * Self- Advocacy *Earning a LivingWhether your child or student has Asperger’s or is on the more severely impaired end of the autism spectrum, this action-oriented guide will provide hope and help — so that every child has a chance to reach his or her full potential.
Gluten-Free & Dairy Free Cooking Book
Price: $19.00
Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free Cooking by Sueson Vess
Sueson Vess is the founder of Special Eats, a unique company whose focus is on assisting individuals in avoiding food intolerances and allergies due to Celiac Disease or Autism Spectrum Disorders. Whether you are new to the GFCF Diet or a pro, this book presents solutions for coping with the challenges of planning and preparing GFCF meals, including: 

  • Increase awareness of new or unfamiliar products and ingredients
  • Learn how to shop with confidence and improve label reading skills
  • Locate products and ingredients
  • Understand healthy product substitutions
  • Create a safe kitchen free from cross contamination

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