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Caretaker Parents of Children with Autism Need a Break Now and Then

Caring for a child who has autism is the ultimate labor of love. Your child always needs you and you need to be there for your child. Yet despite your best intentions, there are recurring moments in every parent or … Continue reading

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Peer Pals

Day after day in the summer heat, Kara assumes the responsibility of painting face after face of the students with autism. Never stopping, she continues until every child has had the opportunity to participate. The children, engrossed in watching the … Continue reading

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Welcome To The RUGROOM

Working as a freelance SEN (special education needs) consultant in Norfolk, I am in and out of mainstream schools. I advise on adapting the curriculum, teaching styles, timetables, and classroom layout, in order to maximize the learning potential of children … Continue reading

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Home From Home Care: Created By Parents to Make a Difference

In June 1979, Paul and Ann de Savary were elated by the birth of their daughter, Laura, but when she was 6 months old, their world was shattered by the devastating news no parent wants to hear: Your daughter is … Continue reading

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Has Your Child with Autistic Symptoms Been Properly Screened for a Subset of Mitochondrial Disease Known as OXPHOS?

Autism secondary to mitochondrial disease (AMD) was once thought to be rare. However, several recent research articles suggest there is a cohort of ASD children with underlying mitochondrial disease. Some geneticists believe that the rate of mitochondrial disease may be … Continue reading

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Practical Approaches to Taking Care of Nails and Hair: Training Away Fear and Resistance

Imagine having someone come at you with scissors to cut your nails or hair. Imagine someone turning on clippers to give you a buzz cut. Imagine the metal glint of the scissors and the menacing drone of those clippers. Now … Continue reading

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Creating Successful Opportunities in School and at Home for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders − the Smallest Details Make the Biggest Difference

Probably the biggest change we experienced as a family with a special needs son was puberty. With puberty and adolescence came more passive-aggressive behaviors. With age came strength. Now, put the two together, and you have more aggression, whether shown … Continue reading

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Hope On Horseback

When I think about all the therapies and interventions we’ve tried over the years to help my son, Leo, who has autism, I have to say that therapeutic riding ranks up there at the top of my list. It’s hard … Continue reading

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