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Integrating Biomedical and Behavioral Science: The Happy Future Ahead

Background In general, professionals in the autism field acknowledge only a few “accepted” treatments—most notably, applied behavior analysis (ABA) and the drug Risperdal (risperidone). In contrast, parents worldwide are relying on a wide range of interventions, including biomedical treatments, to … Continue reading

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How do We Help Children with Autism Learn to Speak?

This can be one of the most daunting questions parents of children with autism try to answer. As we know, each individual autistic child presents with their own particular mixture of abilities and challenges. Therefore, there is no “one-fix-suits- all” … Continue reading

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Mixology #2: Treatments

While on “the waiting list” prior to our initial DAN! doctor visit, I decided to come up with some basic strategies that I felt were harmless and might actually help my child in his recovery. Part 2 of my mixology … Continue reading

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Sensory Integration: A Practical Look at the Theory and Model for Intervention

Introduction How are we able to react so quickly, unconsciously for that matter, when we start to experience a fall? Why is it that we can ride a bike without much thought of what our feet, hands, eyes, and ears … Continue reading

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Puberty and Your Child with Autism

The dreaded time has come:  puberty. As we all know, our kids do grow up despite our protests. We have four children, boy-girl-girl-boy, ages 22, 13, 11 and 9.  So when it comes to this subject we have been there … Continue reading

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Yes! Bullying Can Be Addressed through the IEP

Today’s headlines are filled with news about bullying in schools. The latest phenomenon, called “bullicide,” happens when kids who are being bullied commit suicide. Let’s face it, bullying can be pretty scary and should concern most any parent who has … Continue reading

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Epilepsy and Autism: Our Experience

Epilepsy occurs at a much higher rate in children with the diagnosis of autism. I have a 7-year-old son with the diagnosis of PDD-NOS. After hearing Michael Chez, MD, speak about the high rate (about 66%) of abnormal EEGs in … Continue reading

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Home From Home Care: Created By Parents to Make a Difference

In June 1979, Paul and Ann de Savary were elated by the birth of their daughter, Laura, but when she was 6 months old, their world was shattered by the devastating news no parent wants to hear: Your daughter is … Continue reading

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Thirteen Things…

Living with your child, you don’t see the changes little by little as they happen. One day, I looked at my son, Jeremy, and realized he was already up to my chin, and that he was growing facial hair. His … Continue reading

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Hope On Horseback

When I think about all the therapies and interventions we’ve tried over the years to help my son, Leo, who has autism, I have to say that therapeutic riding ranks up there at the top of my list. It’s hard … Continue reading

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