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Integrating Biomedical and Behavioral Science: The Happy Future Ahead

Background In general, professionals in the autism field acknowledge only a few “accepted” treatments—most notably, applied behavior analysis (ABA) and the drug Risperdal (risperidone). In contrast, parents worldwide are relying on a wide range of interventions, including biomedical treatments, to … Continue reading

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Epilepsy and Autism: Our Experience

Epilepsy occurs at a much higher rate in children with the diagnosis of autism. I have a 7-year-old son with the diagnosis of PDD-NOS. After hearing Michael Chez, MD, speak about the high rate (about 66%) of abnormal EEGs in … Continue reading

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Healthy Gluten- and Dairy-Free Eating Tips – Good for the Whole Family!

Healthy eating has been the subject of debate among parents, dietitians, physicians, and chefs for years. Each group, having studied their particular belief, is confident that they are correct. And there are facts to back up many points of view. … Continue reading

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Sulphation and Autism: What are the links?

The evidence so far is incomplete but is certainly in accordance with the view that while defects in sulphation may not be the prime cause of autism, they are responsible for much of the dysregulation of biochemical and physiological processes. Perhaps the full answer may lie somewhere in the complex interactions of the autoimmune system with neuronal development. Autism may then reflect either in utero damage from maternal cytokines or perinatal damage caused by the actions of infections and vaccinations on a child with faulty autoimmune responses. Continue reading

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