Another Piece Fits the PUZZLE

We would like to share an experience we had just before Christmas when we were invited to London to meet with the team from Biometrics to have Connor’s blood tested as part of a Live Blood Screening. We had already read about the work of the Autism Medical Center and the Biometrics team from Holland in the last edition of The Autism File and we were really enthusiastic about learning more of what they offer for autistic children.

However, we still had the same feelings we shared when Connor had his first Secretin infusion – travelling up to London, wondering if it would hurt Connor, wondering what the test would reveal, etc. We need not have worried however, because we have learned so very much from this simple, quick test.

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So, we trekked off to London early one Saturday morning, armed with books, toys, food, and anything else we could carry on the train to keep Connor amused with, and met up with Dr Abraham van Kempen (Chairman), Dr Remco Verkaik (President), Mr Jan Pieter Stout (Vice President) of The Biometric A.M. Protocol Management along with Dr Emar Vogelaar (Advisor). All of them were extremely polite, kind, patient, spoke excellent English, and above all were so knowledgeable about autism and biometrical treatments. We were impressed immediately and so excited that we couldn’t stop asking questions!

First of all, we went into a room with just a few of the team where Connor then had the Live Blood Screening test carried out. He was a little nervous (so were we!) and very kindly and patiently Dr Remco performed the test on himself first to put all our fears to rest. It did not hurt Connor a bit, lasted only a second then he was soon off playing happily with the toys lying around. For us, we had been given a totally new meaning to our quest to solve Connor’s condition. We were able to see with our very own eyes first hand his blood which had been placed on a small glass tray and projected on to a TV screen via the microscope. We had never seen live blood cells before and we were absolutely bowled over by the whole process! The team explained all the abnormalities of his red and white blood cells. Connor had a very significant number of abnormal coagulated red blood cells, something which they have found in many other autistic children. Although he had a few normal sized red blood cells, the majority were clustered and stuck together with the outside edge of each cell jagged in appearance like porcupines. In a healthy individual, these red blood cells should appear round, smooth, separate and roughly all of the same size so that they can flow easily through the body carrying all the oxygen and nutrients. The team also noticed that Connor’s white blood cells were lying dormant instead of being active and fighting off viruses, bacteria or any other invading germs. This meant that his immune system was not functioning as it should be. We saw crystals floating amongst the cells, which were undigested particles of food (so he needs more enzymes to break down the foods he eats). Some candida remained, which they could tell had been treated as it had shrunk in size. It was truly amazing, all of this information came from a little tiny pinprick of his blood! Armed with this information, we have been given a new direction, a new goal in Connor’s treatment, which we can do something about. It has given us an entirely new perspective on how to treat him.

We then went into another room with Dr Vogelaar who went through Connor’s history, and he spent so much time sifting through our file of reports at the same time offering advice and suggestions on how to improve on each little section. He was so knowledgeable and so patient explaining anything we did not understand. He gave us a list of additional tests we should have carried out on Connor together with further supplementation we should consider. We went away from that session with our heads in a whirl but knowing we had found yet another piece to this complicated puzzle of correcting autism. We are eagerly awaiting the BIOSA products to help correct these imbalances. The whole day was rounded off with a very informative evening seminar when the events of the day were summarised and treatment protocols explained in more detail with time given to parents’ questions. We cannot thank The Autism File enough for sharing  Biometric’s research and bringing it to this country. We know the Tommeys will be organising many more such sessions for their readers, and we urge you all to take advantage of this type of screening.

We have since co-ordinated a further screening test held at Hillingdon Manor School, a school set up by parents for high functioning autistic children. Thanks to the generosity of the school by allowing us to use their premises one weekend, and the help of its support group, HACS, a further 60 families have been given the opportunity to have this valuable test. Demand was such that within just 24 hours of being announced all places were booked! We shall report back next time on their results.

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    I was wondering how can I find out when/where this screening with be taking place in future as this would help my son with autism massively.



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