Tasks Galore by Laurie Eckenrode, Pat Fennell, and Kathy Hearsey

Tasks Galore offers a three book set to transition your child through the many difficult areas of learning that are so common with children on the spectrum. Tasks Galore, the first in the series, is for the pre-k, and elementary school aged children as well as students needing beginning steps. There are 250 tasks that are arranged in color pictures for use in early education.

Tasks Galore designs meaningful tasks and incorporates movement and sensory input that makes the child’s learning experience enjoyable and effective. Using visual structure and cues on the student’s level of learning and understanding ensures that the child will advance in his or her abilities. With incorporating fine motor skills, readiness, language arts, math, reasoning and play, teachers, therapists and parents alike will see the positive gains that this book is sure to promote. Making this program based on the individual child’s strengths and EP goals, Tasks Galore makes learning creative and fun.

Tasks Galore for the Real World is the second part in the series of books and is designed for older elementary students to the adult learners. In this series, older students will learn everyday life skills and will transfer them into functional daily living goals. Once again, full color pictures of visually structured independent living skills that are so essential for our older children and teenagers make this an easy way to get your child to learn these skills.

Students learning from Tasks Galore for the Real World learn from a functional approach and the learning skills are applied tasks relevant to all environments.

Tasks Galore, Making Groups Meaningful is designed for classroom groups. The full color pictures are once again making the programs easy to learn and understand in the group settings that so many of our children desperately need.

Climbing Art Obstacles in Autism is a wonderful and enchanting, visually structured way to explore art for the children. With step-by-step photos and checklists, this fourth book in the series will help the child gain skills without relying on verbal or physical prompts. As we all know, art is many time incredibly challenging for our children so this step-by-step approach to art is a must have for those parents or therapists that are trying to get their children to “think outside the box”.

This wonderful series of books can be bought individually or are sold as a set. They are colorful, creative and definitely a valuable resource that you will turn to time and time again. These are also a must-have tool for; schools, teachers and therapists alike that will undoubtedly have a lasting and positive impact on all of the children that have an opportunity to take advantage of them.

Website: www.tasksgalore.com


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