What is Autism

What is autism to you?” The answers to that question are as varied as the individuals on the autism spectrum. The Autism File is more than just a magazine: it is a community of parents seeking answers to ensure that their children with autism will have the best future possible.  There is very rarely one “right” way to handle the many daily challenges we face as parents.  Sharing our perspectives and strategies can have a profound and positive impact on other autism families around the world. Whether it’s dealing with bullies, circumventing meltdowns, exploring treatment options, or any of the myriad considerations life with autism presents, parents consistently prove that they are there for each other with ideas and coping strategies.

To tap the vast expertise this community possesses, we recently began taking weekly polls of our readers on the questions most commonly asked by parents of children with autism.  The responses have been immediate and insightful, bringing practical tips and strategies to the forefront for other parents to consider when faced with similar challenges. Here at the magazine, we are all inspired by the manner in which parents have shared their knowledge for the benefit of other autism families.  We’ll continue these weekly polls and get the top responses out to you each Wednesday.  We’ll also feature content from our readers as they let us know their own answers to the question:  What is autism, and how has it impacted your life?

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To add your own insights and experiences with what has worked for your family in the various situations that only other autism families can fully appreciate, visit us at http://www.facebook.com/#!/autismfileWe look forward to bringing your suggestions and strategies to families who can benefit immensely from your experiences as an autism parent.


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